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10 Must-Have Items When Going Through Chemotherapy


Chemotherapy is a harrowing experience for anyone. That’s why it is wise to bring whatever you can to make it easier on you as you go through that tough situation.

For your convenience, we have put together some of the best items you can have during your long chemotherapy sessions. They range from boredom busters to essential cosmetic tools that will help you keep your stylish look.

With that in mind, here are ten must-have items to help you get through the grueling time at the hospital.

1. Stool Softener

Thanks to the many drugs they give you during chemo sessions, constipation is prevalent during your time in the radiology department. Uncomfortable stomach pain is where a good softener can come in handy to help you push out those harder-than-usual stools.

Take them when necessary, and try to keep high spirits while you are in the bathroom doing your business.

2. Comfortable Blanket

You’ll need a comfortable blanket if you plan to stay relaxed while receiving the treatments. The best ones are quilted or hand-knitted blankets since they provide serious warmth. 

Being cold as you are undergoing sessions can be miserable for many people, and many hospitals may not have covers for you to use during the time you’re there.

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3. Lotion

Dry skin can be a problem during your chemotherapy sessions, so it’s best to keep a bottle of lotion around to counteract it. You may even want to invest in some chapstick because your lips can also become very dehydrated. 

It is best to apply a skin cream twice a day or as needed if you notice red, flaky patches or cracked skin.

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4. Video Streaming Account

Netflix, Hulu, or Crunchyroll (if you’re into anime) are great Investments that you can use to combat

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