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11 Arthritis-Friendly Tools That Make Daily Life Easier

arthritis tools

Commonplace tasks might become difficult while living with arthritis. Every problem has a workaround, whether you need assistance pressing buttons or opening a jar. Here are 11 great tools for dealing with arthritis.

Buckle Up

Have difficulties getting in your car’s seat and fastening your seatbelt? The six-inch extension of the Easy Reach Seat Belt Grabber Handle makes it simple to secure your seat belt. It simply attaches to your current seat belt strap. You won’t waste time groping in the dark for your belt with the glow-in-the-dark version, either.

Extend Your Reach

It might be tough to bend down or reach up to get anything when you’re stiff and sore. There is a convenient gadget that is easy to carry along that may help you access things that are out of reach. The pistol grip handle makes the EZ Reachers easy to use, even for those with arthritis or tight fingers. Additionally, the magnet at the end of the 3-inch wide, slip-resistant jaws makes it simple to grab hold of paperclips and other similarly sized metal objects.

Be A Pack Rat

This innovative carrier enables you to transport up to 50 pounds and many bags at once, reducing the number of times you have to go back and forth to the vehicle and the number of times your bags bite into your hands. The cushioned grip makes it comfortable to hold, and the EZ Carry’s compact size makes it ideal for keeping in a glove compartment or a handbag.

Open Up

With arthritis, the twisting action required to open a jar may be excruciating. Black & Decker’s electric jar opener is here to save the day, easily twisting off any lid with a single button press.

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Give Yourself a Lift

The Upeasy Lifting Cushion can help you easily get up from your chair. All you need is a firm surface or a chair, and the hydraulic design will help you get up and running with no batteries or energy required. You may put up to 70% of your weight on it when lifting. Plus, it’s lightweight at only nine pounds, making relocation a breeze.

Get Dressed in a Zip

Stiff arthritic hands may make even the simplest of daily actions difficult, such as buttoning and zipping garments. NorthCoast Big Grip Button Hook saves the day by catching zippers for easy pull and securing buttons in holes on one end. A comfortable rubber grip makes it simple to hold.

Get a Grip on Mealtime

Arthritic hands may have trouble holding onto kitchen utensils like skinny forks, spoons, and knives. Good Grip Utensils will make mealtimes a breeze with their big, ribbed, ergonomic rubberized handles. They swivel so that you may adjust them to your ideal angle. Includes a fork, knife, tablespoon, teaspoon, and a tiny spoon; all are dishwasher safe.

Take Charge of the Remote

Although TV remote controls are handy, their little buttons might be difficult to use if you have

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