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15 Items That Will Make Your Life With Psoriatic Arthritis Easier

psoriatic arthritis

Life with psoriatic arthritis can be difficult at times. Joint pain and stiffness can get in the way of performing everyday activities. Something as simple as getting dressed can become a challenge when experiencing a flare-up. Luckily, with the help of these 15 devices, accomplishing daily tasks will be much easier.

1. Jar opener 

Opening jars and bottles can be difficult for the average person at times. But if you have joint pain from psoriatic arthritis, it becomes even more challenging. For this, you can try rubber or silicone grippers. A “jar pop” or church key opener to break the vacuum seal are also great options, according to John Indalecio, a hand therapist at Orthopedic One in Columbus, Ohio. “After letting the air into the jar, it’s easy to open — as if you’ve opened it before,” he says. Electric jar openers will make your life much easier by doing the twisting for you without taxing your joints.

2. Phone stand

Finding it difficult to hold your phone? This is where attachments that allow you to hold the phone without gripping or pinching it come in handy. The Bunker Ring phone stand or a PopSocket are good options. 

3. Dressing stick

When getting dressed becomes a challenge, a dressing stick may offer you some assistance. Dressing sticks will help you hold open your pants or stabilize your shoes as you put them on. “A dress zipper tool for reaching zippers up the back can also make it easier to reach or reduce the need for help,” Indalecio says. If you need further assistance reaching your feet, try a “hip kit”

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4. Long-handled shoehorn and sock aid

Bending over can be an obstacle when you have psoriatic arthritis. These tools will help minimize how much bending you actually have to do when putting on your socks and shoes. 

5. Large-handled tools

When looking for tools (silverware, hairbrushes, gardening tools, etc.), look for ones that have larger handles as opposed to smaller ones. Can’t find a tool with a larger handle? Try foam tubing to build the handles on small-diameter objects to make them easier to hold, Indalecio suggests.

6. Grab bars

On days when you may need extra support, grab bars may help. Try placing them near staircase landings and in the bathroom where slipping may be a concern for you.

7. Hair-dryer stand

The standard hair dryer isn’t designed with a psoriatic arthritis patient in mind. Fortunately, technology blessed us with hands-free dryers, which allow you to sit back and relax while the dryers do all the work. You no longer have to struggle to hold a dryer up.  

8. Nonslip counter mat

For those that love to cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, a nonslip counter mat can help you prevent

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