2 Chainz Goes From Growing Up On Krystal To Head Of Creative Marketing For The Fast-Food Chain

2 Chainz and his team will spearhead the launch of various new platforms and partnerships, which will include menus, merchandising, and co-branded restaurants based in Atlanta. More specifically, 2 Chainz will help launch a custom co-branded Krystal restaurant and a “Luxe Line” of premium food for the brand that will be featured at his restaurant.

But, that is not all. Under the new deal, fans can look forward to non-fungible token (NFT) artwork, custom-tailed in-house music, and exclusive merchandise, which will be available for purchase in stores and online.

“Chainz and I grew up in neighboring areas – both of us are from the South side of Atlanta. Being able to work with someone who’s where you’re from and who has been ultra-successful is something that means a lot. Getting a chance to grow this brand, give back to the areas that we’re from, and help direct an iconic brand is a special opportunity. Chainz is talented, he’s unique, he’s involved and he’s real South. I can’t wait to see what our partnership brings,” said Jonathan Childs, founder and operating partner of Golden Child Holdings, according to a press release. “We’re going to remind everyone why Krystal is relevant.”

“I can remember Krystal being a part of so many pivotal moments of my childhood and teen years. Some of my best moments were made better by going to Krystal, and I’m a fan for life,” 2 Chainz said in a statement. “I want everyone to feel that, too, and can’t wait to put Krystal in the spotlight it deserves.”

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