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3 Conversations To Have With Your Fam This Holiday Season

From the twinkling Christmas lights adorning the light posts along the streets to Mariah Carey singing about all that she wants for Christmas, you can’t deny the holiday season is in full effect. With all of the Christmas music booming from the speakers of every store you enter to every car you pass, you can’t help but catch the holiday spirit. Let’s face it; it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

We all look forward to that one dish that can only be made by that one relative. Don’t act! You know the one; that one dish that many others try to replicate but can’t duplicate. You know that dish that instantly puts you into a food coma and promises to deliver a two-hour nap upon completion. It’s a time to reconnect and catch up on the lives of family members that you may not have seen in months or sometimes years.

The holidays are a great time for family celebrations filled with good food, recollection of the good times and an opportunity to plan ahead.

1. Let’s talk about…family medical history.

While you are restoring your kinships over caramel cake, use the time wisely to learn about your family’s medical history.

Outside of knowing your personal medical history and medications, knowing your family medical history is the next best piece of information that you can understand.

The doctor-patient relationship is just that — a relationship. It’s a melding of minds to allow for a collective understanding and decision-making.

Knowing what medical conditions your immediate and extended family members have conquered and are chronically managing is quite empowering and makes for a strong advocate on your own behalf.

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