3 Reasons Why Younger Shoppers Don’t Care

Yes, clothing stores in the mall closing indicate there’s a snag in business models, the economy and a lack of foot traffic. However, younger generations are widely unaffected and it’s due to a number of valid reasons. This article will cover three.

Out with the Old, In With the New

Hate to be the bearer of bad news; but people have to remember that the shopping mall is well… ancient. It is a business model from the 1900’s that is now defunct. In the 80’s it was the greatest thing since sliced bread; a thriving consumer, entertainment and social center. However, now in a realm of online shopping, it’s dying entity.

Throughout history, this is nothing new. At the dawn of the cinematic era, giant movie palaces holding thousands of people (for instance the Strand Theater from 1914 held 3,000); were all the rage, but in time they too became just a relic. Why? How people lived changed; the population went to the suburbs killing off the palace industry. Changes in lifestyle cause the same outcome; like when you consider inventions such as record players, VCRs and iPods.

Time marches on and some things just do not stand the test of time; tech improves or people just move on to something else. In the past, people went to stores for fashion recommendations or flipped through magazines and catalogs. Nowadays, all you have to do is hit up any social media platform. Your next cute outfit suggestion is literally an influencer away on TikTok, YT or IG.

The mall mannequin is now a real person in the flesh telling you about a top, dress, or even pair of shoes. You can choose to be influenced or not. However, at least you get to see how something looks on a real body before you drop your coins.

Clothing Stores in the Mall Closing: 3 Reasons Why Younger Shoppers Don’t Care

Nevertheless, this brings us perfectly to our next point, reason number two.

Reviews are HIM

Shopping is a little different now. Before purchasing most younger generations want to check out reviews or comments on brand posts first; instead of just going with pure vibes. Yes, the shopping mall did offer a dressing room and allowed for buyers to feel fabrics. However, who wants to go to a store and find nothing? You can literally “window shop” from your phone and accomplish that.

Online shopping is all about ease. You can do it anywhere, anytime and have it delivered to your front door in hours or a few days. It also cool to have a bunch of choices from several retailers right at your fingertips. This large selection and variety makes it easier to find something you actually might want or need.

Nevertheless, since you are relying on pictures to make decisions and choices now; this is where having some honest opinions available really helps. Product reviews are great because they come from real breathing people who have already bought and used the item. A lot of people will be very reliable in saying whether they truly like or hate something.

Back in the day, if you only had time to “run into a store” and grab something; you went home, put it on and if you hated it, had to then drag yourself back to the mall to return it. Those days are now gone. You tap a brand photo, link in bio or go directly to a website and can shop away. Don’t like it? Just send it back through the mail or really study reviews first before committing.

Such truthfulness in shopping from quality reviews and ratings help make decision making online a lot easier. Plus, it saves you money from buying something horrible.

Moreover, one must consider that technology is all younger generations are used to on the daily. While some parentals and grandparents may have gone to malls for kicks to grab clothes, an Orange Julius and a pretzel. This is just a foreign concept that is now nostalgia.

Dress Stores in the Malls Closing Down- Reason Number Three



What’s a Salary?

It’s a topic that many can argue all day. However, unlike in the past, wages just do not cover anything. Salaries are not increasing like prices are steadily climbing.

And younger generations are feeling the pinch. It’s a much different world today. Older people got to enjoy buying homes and cars with lower wages. Nowadays, it can seem like a fever dream.

However, that is not to say individuals are throwing up their hands and just giving up. Just a shift in thinking as well as approach. But this does explain or at least point to another reason as to why sales are down at malls. Projections indicate that in a decade only 150 malls will exist. Business Insider reports: In 2020, Coresight Research projected that 25% of the country’s approximately 1,000 malls would close shop in the following 3-5 years. In April, analysts at UBS projected that 40,000-50,000 American retail stores would shut down by 2027.”

Moreover, spending is different today. In the 80’s putting everything on credit became the norm. Every generation since then has been able to study that and realize that’s not the way to go. Also, with not as much disposable income, there are more fulfilling places and things to spend money at or on than a mall.

Therefore, is this an end of another era? Looks that way. However, when the dust clears, and rubble settles we will all observe something new emerge. That is just the way, that is just life.

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