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3 Summer Treats to Avoid if You Have Eczema

summer treats

Living with a skin condition such as eczema can cause you discomfort, especially in the summer when your flare-ups may be more aggressive due to the humid heat. But did you know that the summer treats you enjoy indulging in may also be the cause of your itchy, and often painful flare-ups? If not, let us break down 3 treats you should avoid this summer.

1. Milkshakes

summer treats

“Dairy is a common trigger when it comes to skin conditions from acne to eczema, so, unfortunately, milkshakes may be off the summer shopping list,” Zoë Palmer-Wright, nutritional therapist at YorkTest says. “When diagnosed with eczema, often one of the first things a person is told is to try to avoid dairy products. Food intolerances can lead to inflammatory reactions of the immune system which can cause skin flare-ups.”

Alternative to try: We know how tasty milkshakes can be, so if you don’t want to do without them altogether, try making them with a plant-based alternative. From oat milk to almond or cashew milk, there is no shortage of options to choose from.

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2. Beer

Whether you are attending a summer BBQ or a summer festival, having an alcoholic beverage such as beer is a refreshing treat on a hot summer day, however, it is best to stay clear of them if they contain gluten.

“This one may be the hardest one to accept, but most alcoholic drinks contain gluten, which is a big no-no for some eczema sufferers. When it’s hot you may want to crack open a cold beer, but if you’re susceptible to eczema, you should double-check the ingredients list first,” Palmer-Wright adds. “Thankfully, there are now a number of gluten-free beers and cocktails available on supermarket shelves for those with eczema or gluten intolerance this summer.”

Alternative to try: If you are down to try options other than beer, consider ciders, wines, and spirits, which also offer great gluten-free options.

3. Ice Cream

As we noted with milkshakes, dairy products can trigger eczema flare-ups, and it is no different with ice cream.

“As we look forward to enjoying some of the great weather coming our way, most of us will be heading to the ice cream van to help us cool down. But for those suffering from eczema, that might not be the best idea,” Palmer-Wright shares. “Most of our frozen favorites will contain dairy, an ingredient known to aggravate eczema symptoms.”

Alternative to try: If you’re looking for something frozen to cool you down on those hot summer days, try frozen fruit instead. You can even

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