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4 Dessert Recipes You Need This Holiday Season

After the perfect meal, the first thing you want is a tasty dessert to top it all off. Seeing as it’s the holiday season, it’s the time of year when you may do a little more indulging than usual when it comes to a delicious dessert. It’s normal to want to indulge but making sure to be mindful about how much you’re indulging in is important as well. Too much of anything can lead to future problems, but have no fear, there’s a way for you to enjoy a holiday treat and still watch what you eat. 

Why It’s Important To Be Mindful This Christmas

Food can contain a lot of calories, fats, sodium, and sugar, and desserts are not exempt from that. It’s important to be aware of what you’re consuming and how much of it that you’re taking in. Too many sweet treats can lead to many health complications.

One of the health concerns that could come up is obesity. If you’re eating unhealthy desserts often and getting little to no exercise and do not have a proper diet, then you could be setting yourself up to become obese. This is when you gain too much weight and your body mass index is too high. 

Another illness that can come about from enjoying one too many sweets without proper diet and exercise is diabetes, specifically, type 2 diabetes. When you are overweight and inactive your body begins to operate differently. Type 2 diabetes occurs when the cells in your muscles, fat and liver become resistant to insulin, the component in your body that helps regulate and break down sugar. Type 2 diabetes can also develop because your pancreas can no longer produce enough insulin to manage your blood sugar levels. This can happen when you consume too many unhealthy foods.

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Enjoy Without The Guilt

This article isn’t to tell you that you should never eat dessert again to stay healthy. You do not need to give up sweets forever in order to stay healthy but you do need to change the type of desserts you consume.

Good thing there are so many dessert recipes that you can try out to still give you that fulfillment without the guilt or crazy amounts of added sugar.

It’s all about substituting ingredients and using less to get more. Here are some great holiday recipes you should try. 

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4 Dessert Recipes You Need This Holiday Season

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1. Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake 

Instead of using regular cream cheese, substitute the cream cheese for cottage cheese and cocoa powder. This is a healthy alternative to cheesecake that the whole family can enjoy without the extra calories. 

Level: Intermediate

Prep Time: 13 hrs and 15 minutes

Servings: 12

# of Ingredients: 15

2. Chocolate Chip Cookies

This isn’t your average take on chocolate chip cookies, but it will still give you that delicious, gooey taste that you love. Add some

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