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4 Easy Ways To Avoid Falling Off Your Workout This Winter

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When you’re not a workout fanatic, it can be easy to make excuses as to why you couldn’t work today or the day before that – especially when the weather isn’t favorable – but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, it could all be so simple. Rochelle Boykin, a certified fitness fanatic, is here to make it that much simpler. Here are four of her best tips for staying in tip-top shape when the weather hits below zero. Get ready to sweat!

1. Walk and take the stairs.

“People forget how effective walking and stairs can be. They’re both great for cardio! Try parking your car farther away from the building, which will force you to walk further,” Boykin advises.

“Don’t ever take the elevator. Take the stairs instead. Many malls open the halls before the stores open. So, you can take an hour in the mornings to walk inside with a little heat if you don’t want to walk outside,” she adds.

“If the mall is multi-level, try walking each level in its entirety and walk up and down the escalator steps. For even more cardio, pick up the pace. Want to take it up a notch? Carry small hand weights and walk with them. Pets are a great excuse to walk more too. Extend your morning walk with your dog by a few blocks, every extra step counts,” Boykin says.

2. Actively relax.

“When it’s cold outside, we love to stay in and snuggle with a movie and snacks. While you’re in front of the TV watching your favorite show, try something different,” Boykin suggests.

Her advice? Place a mat or towel in front of the television and stretch while the show is on. Once they break for commercials, get up and get moving! Here’s a quick circuit you can do during commercial breaks:

  • 10 jumping jacks
  • 10 high knees
  • 10 squats
  • 10 butt kicks
  • 10 mountain climbers

“Once your show comes back on, get back on your mat and stretch while you watch TV. If you’re really in fitness mode, once your show is over, pop in a fitness DVD and get to work!,” Boykin suggests.

3. Do a little work around the house.

“If it’s too cold for your taste and you’d rather stay inside that’s fine, grab a broom, grab the vacuum, grab a rake! Simple household chores are excellent for cardio. Vacuuming, sweeping, raking the leaves, mopping the floor, wiping walls and mirrors, dusting, laundry. It all counts toward your cardio,” Boykin shares,

The main thing to focus on is continual movement. Don’t sit down. Stay up and stay in motion. Don’t sit down at all. You want to focus on

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