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4 Essential Household Items To Help Your COPD This Winter


Fall and winter are two beautiful seasons to experience each year. From the beautiful fall colors on the leaves of trees, to the fun and creative holiday decorations every year, this time of year is truly a sight to see. But as beautiful and visibly pleasing as it may seem, health wise, this time of year can be extremely difficult for many.

With the changes of the seasons comes the changes in the air quality, which can cause people a lot of suffering. Specifically people who suffer from illnesses such as asthma or respiratory disorders.

Another disease that can be triggered by the change of seasons is COPD. Since it’s impossible to make the disease disappear, let’s discuss how to deal with it during these cold fall and winter months. 

Asthma COPD: What you Need to Know Now

What Causes a COPD Flare Up

COPD is chronic inflammatory lung disease that blocks airflow from the lungs. Having COPD will cause difficulty breathing, wheezing and coughing (more extreme than a normal cough) and mucus build up.

There are a few things that can cause a person suffering with COPD to have a flare up. One is tobacco smoke, which actually is one of the main causes for COPD.

A tobacco smoker is subjected to being diagnosed with COPD at a higher rate than someone who is not a tobacco smoker. Seeing how smoking is a main cause of having this disease, it’s also a trigger to a flare up. 

Another trigger that can cause flare ups is polluted air. Unfortunately this is a trigger that can not be avoided because of the world we live in today and different people all over experience different types of air pollution. So how do you help yourself or a loved one when they’re having a flare up? What can be done to prevent flare ups? 

4 Essential Household Items For Someone With COPD

Easy ways to prevent COPD exacerbations can be done with simple things in your household. 

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