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4 Ultimate Survival Tips For Cuffing Season

cuffing season

Whether you like it or not, cuffing season is here y’all. Cuffing season is when it gets cold outside (fall and winter months) and people start to get a little lonely and start hooking up, just until the spring hits.  So this time of year, the lines between being “single” and “in a relationship” get a little blurred. But have no fear, we’ve got a few tips on how to make it through.

Here are four tips If you WANT to engage in cuffing season:

1. Update your dating profiles, and do so immediately. Every former nixer and naysayer is back on the apps, swiping with fervor. Change your pose, change your face, don’t just pose with a celebrity, be a celebrity. Google’s an excellent photo resource. Light cat-fishing is encouraged for the sake of a successful bait-and-switch.

2. Throw out the limiting idea of your “type.” Say yes to things and people that you have once sworn off. You never know you may find that diamond in the rough this season.

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3. Push past your comfort zone and engage in activities you normally wouldn’t. Crashing high-security ticketed events you weren’t invited to is a great start.

4. Experiment with a new look; reinvent yourself. If the old you didn’t work, now’s a great time to explore alternative personalities. No budget for full-body plastic surgery plus accommodating wardrobe? Affecting an accent works just the same.



Now here’s four other tips If you DON’T want to be bothered:

1. Get Your Mind Right

If you’re single and don’t want to be bothered by all the random hookup of cuffing season, recognize what season you are in and plan accordingly. For instance, anytime you date, you always want to have an idea of what it is you want to gain from the experience. You want to have a clear goal in mind so you can conduct yourself accordingly. This opens your mind up to the opportunity and makes it a little easier for you to get what it is you are after. Whether your needs are for casual companionship or long-term exclusivity, you should make sure your mind and your actions compliment your desired outcome.

This means: If you are looking for something long-term, don’t entertain a sex buddy (or buddies) aka “friends with benefits.”

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