44% Of Employees Would Quit If Employers Forced Vaccine Jab On Them

As many companies turn toward vaccine mandates, Americans aren’t totally for this move.

A new study shows that 44 percent of employees would quit if ordered to get vaccinated, according to the responses to a survey. But nearly 50 percent of Gen-Z workers said they would consider quitting if their colleagues aren’t required to get vaccinated, according to the study by Qualtrics, an experience management company. The survey results show that Americans are sharply divided over vaccine mandates.

Qualtrics asked working people what they’d do if their employer mandated covid vaccinations. About 44 percent of respondents said that they would consider leaving their jobs, while around 38 percent said they would consider leaving their current employer if the organization did not enact a vaccine mandate. About half of Gen-Z workers said they would consider leaving if their colleagues aren’t required to get vaccinated.

CNBC All-America Economic Survey also found Americans divided on the issue of vaccine mandates.

The poll of 802 Americans taken from July 24 to July 28 found that 49 percent favor vaccine mandates while 46 percent oppose. Five percent were unsure, CNBC reported.

Twitter users weighed in.

“If they dont get vaccinated , they are putting themselves at risk and also others who vaccinated/unvaccinated . Better QUIT !” tweeted RAM_SETHU @RramachandranR.

Lotsa Time @lotsa_time tweeted, “Do it. We can sort ourselves into fully vaccinated and fully antivax groups and let this interesting experiment play out.”

Some companies have already issued a vaccine mandate. Facebook, Google, Twitter, Morgan Stanley, CNN, the Washington Post, United Airlines, Microsoft, Uber, Netflix, Walgreens, Tyson, Walmart, and Disney have told all or a segment of their workforce to get vaccinated, Forbes reported.

Many companies, however, are issuing mandates for their white-collar workers and not their workers on the front lines.

Walmart said it will require all of its corporate and regional staff to be vaccinated by Oct. 4 unless they have an “approved exception” such as a religious or medical reason. But Walmart isn’t issuing mandates for its store associates and warehouse workers. For these workers, it is instead offering a $150 incentive for getting vaccinated and paid time off, Vox reported.

McDonald’s is requiring its U.S. corporate workers to be vaccinated by Sept. 27 but not its restaurant employees. Uber and Lyft are requiring their corporate employees to get vaccinated, but they’re not mandating shots for drivers, Vox reported.

Photo by RF._.studio from Pexels, https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-holding-injection-3825529/ 

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