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5 Essential Oils to Keep By Your Bedside

essential oils

Numerous women going through menopause have to deal with the side effects of the life event. Unfortunately, the same number of women with no avenue of relief experience these symptoms because they do not know the healing power of essential oils.

That’s right! Essential oils can help women battle the vasomotor symptoms (also known as hot flashes) and fatigue that accompanies this milestone period in their life. With these oils, your quality of life will not decrease significantly, and women over 50 can live their life comfortably.

Read on as we discuss five essential oils to keep by your bedside.

1. Basil

essential oils

One surefire way to combat your hot flashes is to enjoy a basil aromatherapy session At least twice to three times a week. It will increase your region levels and can improve your mood.

Several studies have discussed the anti-oxidant content nature of basil, making it one of the best oils to have when experiencing fatigue. In fact, basil oil is a staple in Chinese medicine because of its relieving qualities.

The best way to apply this oil is to dilute it in water and rub it across your back and the bottoms of your feet. Make sure to get the back of your neck as well because that is one of the most stressed areas on anyone’s body.

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2. Lavender

Lavender is a great choice to balance your hormones, especially when experiencing pain in your perineum. The perineum can experience discomfort during menopause because of your decreasing hormone levels and thinning vaginal walls.

Studies have shown that lavender oil aromatherapy can improve your sleep and recovery during bouts of pain. In addition to the aromatherapy benefits, adding drops of lavender oil to a cold compress when you’re having perineum pain can increase the relief.

It is best to apply the compress for 30 minutes at a time so you do not damage your

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