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5 Fast Fashion Brands You Should Avoid Splurging On

fast fashion

Fast fashion is a huge phenomenon in today’s society and for many reasons. One reason is that it’s cheaper and way more affordable for people to partake in when they’re shopping for new clothes. Another reason why fast fashion is so popular is because it stays up to date with all the latest trends. Now, this might seem like the to indulge in, trendy pieces and designer dupes at a fraction of the cost. Being able to have the look and save tons of dollars seems like a win-win, but what do you really know about fast fashion and some of these brands that you shop from? How affordable are they really if they may be costing you your environment and health later on down the line?

What Is Fast Fashion?

Imagine you see your favorite influencer or celebrity rocking this 2022 fall season Saint Laurent letterman jacket and you’re obsessed and you want the look too! The only downside is that the letterman jacket cost well over $1000. Say you can’t afford that but again you really want that jacket or even that “look”. Well, that’s where fast fashion comes in to save (or destroy) the day. So what is it truly?

Fast fashion is what they call brands that generate high volumes of clothing continuously during the year. These brands make clothing at an astonishingly low price allowing people to be able to continuously shop and switch up their look for cheap.

Though it seems great in hindsight, the constant purchasing and creating of cheap clothing or “fast fashion” sets many people and the world up for failure. Why? Because in order to make these insanely low-priced clothing items and release them at such a fast pace, it causes many unethical practices to be executed. From terrible work and labor conditions to the harmful and toxic chemicals being used to create these pieces, fast fashion can be extremely dangerous.

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How Does This Affect The Environment?

Since people are buying at an extremely fast pace, that means brands are creating at an even faster pace to give consumers what they want. The manufacturing process of creating these clothes is hazardous to the environment. Many of the companies that these brands pay to create their clothes have factories that emit high amounts of greenhouse gas.

The process of actually making a piece of clothing requires a lot as well. It requires a lot of water usage, a long dyeing process to get the clothes specific colors and treatment, all while emitting gas from the machines that were designed to handle and create the clothes.

Imagine this happening for thousands and thousands of items a day. Using tons and tons of water, emitting an extreme amount of gas into the air due to machine usage and the chemicals from the dyeing process. Does that sound like it can be good for the environment? No, not at all. 

How Does This Affect Your Health?

Many of these factories also use harmful chemicals such as APs/APEOs, phthalates, on top of other heavy metals, and synthetic dyes to make clothes. These chemicals are toxic and not only harmful to the planet but to your body as well. You could be allergic to these chemicals and not even know it, now they’re on your body causing reactions.

Most of the chemicals that are used to color and treat the clothing can lead to dangerous and long-term health risks such as

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