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5 Natural Remedies For Chemo Detoxing

chemo detox

New evidence suggests chemotherapy may be harmful to breast cancer patients. Thirty percent of breast cancer patients get chemotherapy. These medicines alter the immune system, and traditional physicians agree. Until now, no one knew how much. British research from the University of Leeds examined how chemotherapy impacted 88 breast cancer patients’ immune systems. Shocking outcomes…

What Chemotherapy Does

Breast cancer chemotherapy causes “long-term alterations in immunological parameters that should be evaluated throughout clinical care,” including a significant fall in T, B, and Natural Killer cell counts after two weeks of treatment. T cells were considerably fewer nine months after therapy ceased, according to the research.

Repopulating T and B cells showed considerable differences from pre-chemotherapy cells. This means essential genetic mutations may persist in subsequent cell generations following treatment.

Chemotherapy may diminish visible tumors but won’t affect cancer stem cells. “Blank slates” are stem cells. T cells and connective tissue require healthy stem cells. When cancer is a problem, stem cells may be employed to re-seed and refuel tumor development.

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5 Natural Remedies

Natural substances and techniques may assist in detox chemo medications and repair your immune system. These natural ingredients and processes prevent cancer recurrence.

#1. Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli sprouts contain cancer-fighting sulforaphane. Sulforaphane is a breast cancer inhibitor. It causes apoptosis and enhances Natural Killer cell activity. Supplements and high-powered formulations include sulforaphane. 

#2. Beta Glucans

A beta glucan supplement from yeast or (more strongly) medicinal mushrooms may strengthen your immune system. Beta-glucans improve immune cells’ capacity to “eat” cancer cells and may affect breast cancer gene expression.

#3. Curcumin

Over 200 studies have examined curcumin’s impact on breast cancer. There are hundreds of studies on turmeric’s immune-boosting properties.

Even in multidrug-resistant breast tumors, curcumin reduces tumor growth and induces apoptosis. It’s anti-inflammatory and boosts

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