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5 Organizations Working To Improve The Health Of Black Mothers

Black maternal health

Systemic racism impacts marginalized people in many ways, and unfortunately pregnancy and birth are no exception. An absolutely terrifying fact is that maternal mortality rates are more than 3x higher for Black women compared with white women. Black women are also at higher risk of postpartum depression and anxiety disorders. This is one of the widest of all disparities in women’s health. One of the primary reasons this occurs is due to systemic barriers that prevent racialized communities from accessing health care and birthing support that is trusted and relatable. 

The following 5 organizations are committed to promoting equity in Black maternal health:

The Black Mamas Matter Coalition is a cross-sectoral alliance that is headed by Black women and was the founding organization of Black Maternal Health Week.

This group seeks to fight for Black maternal health, rights, and justice by centering its efforts on Black mothers in order to drive research, create power, and transform cultural norms.


  • Introduce and promote human rights-based policies to alleviate health disparities among Black mothers and enhance their health outcomes.
  • Advance Studying: Improve the health of Black mothers by drawing on the resources and expertise already present in Black communities and encouraging the development of cutting-edge research approaches.
  • To better care for Black mothers, we must investigate, implement, and improve integrative models of health and wellness.
  • Culture change: refocus and reframe the discussion on Black mothers’ health, and give those mothers’ voices a louder platform.

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Ancient Song Doula Services is an international doula-certifying organization that was established in the Fall of 2008 in Brooklyn, New York.

Their mission is to provide quality doula services to women of color and families with low incomes who otherwise would not be able to afford doula care, as well as to train a workforce of full-spectrum doulas to address health inequities within the communities that they want to serve.


  • Giving low-income people of color access to direct doula care.
  • Distributing resources to doulas and the community.
  • Training community people to become full-spectrum doulas.
  • Providing prenatal and reproductive justice education based on research.
  • Fighting for systemic policy changes to end the racial and economic disparities that affect children’s health at birth.

Mamatoto Village is committed to serving Black women by providing career pathways in maternal health; and by providing accessible perinatal support services designed to equip women with the necessary tools to make the most informed decisions in their maternity care, parenting, and lives.

These goals will be accomplished by creating career pathways in maternal health; and by serving Black women.

Mamatoto Village’s novel approach to addressing racism and health inequalities experienced by

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