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5 Reasons Why Stretching is Important for Children

why stretching is important

Stretching is a great way to ensure you can stay loose and active during strenuous exercises and activities. Stretching is especially beneficial for young children with arthritis, and their muscles may not be able to handle the amount of stress without limbering up first.

Read on as we discuss 5 reasons why stretching is important for active young children and how it can help their arthritis. 

1. Relieves Pain

Stretching your limbs out can be a huge pain reliever, especially if you’re experiencing a cramp or tightness. Pain relief is often why so many high-level athletes turn to yoga during the off-season, as it can prolong their career by years at a time.

Young children diagnosed with arthritis can experience the same pain relief through consistent stretching. In fact, it is best to start early because their young bodies will grow more flexible, which will help them down the line.

Stretching inflamed joints can be painful, so it’s best to let the sensations subside before trying to fix them. This is where medication or light stretching comes into play. 

2. Prevents Future Complications

An early introduction to stretching can prevent your young child from having any future pain, inflammation, or complications with arthritis. Depending on how active your child is in their formative years, they may need to do more or less stretching.

However, general limberness will help your child cope with the daily stress of having arthritis and one or more joints. Teaching your five-year-old to do a quick 5-minute stretch every day after they wake up will set them in the right direction.

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3. Reduces Stress

Stress relief can be a great benefit from daily stretching. Stretching can reduce the pain you feel from your inflamed joints, diminishing pain-induced stress.

Lowering stress levels while experiencing arthritis symptoms gives you a better chance of dealing with

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