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5 Ways To De-Stress Daily

how to relieve stress

There’s been increased interest in mental health as more high-profile individuals have come out of hiding about their struggles with depression, anxiety and other mental issues that secretly plague their lives. It’s always shocking to hear about how someone could deal with something so serious without disclosing one ounce of discomfort and the solution to curing these situations isn’t always clear. Every person’s case is rooted in a different issue, however, there are several things that can be done by anyone to help with promoting optimum mental health. Here are five tips on how to relieve stress.

1. Talk to someone

Internalizing and keeping frustrations built up in the mind can cause unnecessary stress that can lead to animosity, depression and several other unhealthy mental states.

Unload your mind and get a clearer perspective on issues by talking to a therapist or a close friend or family member that will listen with a non-judgmental ear. Getting an outside opinion about issues helps to gain a better perspective about what the underlying issue may be.

2. Keep a journal

When there is no one around to be a listening ear, it’s best to write down the events of the day and your feelings on paper. Keeping a journal is a great way to unload issues and concerns in a safe way.

Your thoughts will be protected and kept safe within the confines of the journal and your mind will be at more ease after scribbling out your frustrations or concerns.  You may even find a new hobby in writing that will keep your mind clear of mental debris.

3. Exercise

Exercising has been scientifically proven to improve mood because of the release of endorphins during physical activity. Keep emotions in check and spirits high by hitting the gym to walk the treadmill or take a class in yoga.

During yoga you can focus on the breath to keep your mind focused on the stretch, pushing all thoughts out of the mind.  Make the commitment to schedule daily physical activity to help balance hormones and chemicals that facilitate in controlling emotions.

4. Remove stress triggers

Stress is a major contributor to anxiety and other mental conditions.

Keep stress low by being aware of

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