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5 Ways to Naturally Increase Blood Flow to Your Penis

how to increase blood flow to penis

Everyone can understand why good heart health can lead to a good sex life. The heart pumps blood throughout your body, including your penis. That said, people may not know how to improve their circulation to have more fun between the sheets.

This article will cover 5 ways to naturally increase blood flow to your penis without resorting to medication or uncomfortable tools. By the end of it, you will have a better understanding of what practices may lead to you not being able to perform when the moment calls for it.

1. Slow Down On The Sugar


Diabetes is one of the biggest reasons people often have heart and blood flow problems. Due to the excess glucose in your body, your veins will become clogged, leading to less blood circulation.

Many substitutes like Stevia or other artificial sugar additives can help you get on the right track regarding regulating sugar intake. This will help you lose weight and provide that all-important blood flow that can aid your erectile dysfunction.

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2. Eat Foods That Promote Proper Bloodflow

how to increase blood flow to penis

There are countless foods that can help you get on the right track to improve blood circulation. That includes capsaicin (peppers or hot sauce), ginger, fatty fish, and a host of other yummy dishes. 

Now, you do not have to make those foods the center point of every meal, but you can add them into the rotation to have a proper diet that helps support blood to your member downstairs. Adding ginger tea to your morning breakfast is a sneaky way to include it in your diet.

Additionally, putting more hot sauce on your food is just as easy and maybe even makes it more enjoyable.

3. Lay Off The Red Meat

red meat heart disease

Fatty fish is the perfect substitute for less helpful meat like red meat. Red meat will raise your cholesterol, lowering your blood pressure and restricting circulation. Not to mention the coronary diseases that are associated with it.

Forgoing red meat can be challenging for some because they have to abstain from

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