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5 Ways to Prevent Recurring Kidney Stones

how to prevent kidney stones

If you’ve had it before, you know that ulcerative colitis is a disease you do not want to mess with. It will give you severe stomach cramps, cause you to feel exhausted, and it will make you lose a few pounds (but not in a good way).

On top of that, you’re also more likely to develop kidney stones. These little rock-like formations rest inside of your bodily waste disposal factories and are painfully passed by urinating.

Well, read the rest of this article as I tell you some practical ways to avoid developing kidney stones, even if you have ulcerative colitis.

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How Ulcerative Colitis Affects Kidney Health

First things first, why does ulcerative colitis affect kidney health? Simply put, ulcerative colitis is a form of inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBD), and historical studies have shown that patients with this disease develop kidney stones at a higher rate.

Furthermore, researchers are beginning to show that kidney stones are more prevalent in young Black females and older Black males. There has been a steady increase over the past ten years that suggests there may be more than a few Black people with kidney stones in the future.

This research does not mean you will for sure develop kidney stones, but it does suggest you are at high risk. So, you should take some preventive measures to avoid this condition.

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5 Ways to Prevent Kidney Stone Formation

how to prevent kidney stones

1. Drink Water

As we all know, water is the root of all good health, so it should be no surprise that drinking more of it will help you avoid kidney stones. Drinking more water will not only help you urinate more, but it will also dilute any minerals that are building up inside of your kidneys.

It is worth mentioning that your size and activity level determine the correct water intake. For example, larger athletic people who participate in sweat-inducing exercises daily will need to drink over a gallon daily to keep their hydration levels up.

On the other hand, those who live a relatively sedentary life may need only to drink

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