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6 Real Tips To Prepare You For A Safe Spring Break Trip

spring break

Spring Break is supposed to be filled with fun, laughter, and unforgettable memories. Spring Break has also been notoriously recorded as a high time of alcohol poisoning, sexual misconduct, injuries, theft, and arrests.

So, what can you do in order to maintain your safety while also having the time of your life? Check out these 6 real tips to prep you for a safe Spring Break trip:

1. Never Wander Off Alone

Not to say you can’t fend off unwanted advances, drunk admirers, and aggressive acquaintances on your own but, #SquadGoals is more than just a magical Instagram picture. It’s a real thing that makes a big difference when traveling. Numbers show strength and make their presence known. Always take, at the bare minimum, one other friend with you wherever you go.

2. Say No To Hotel Room Gatherings

In the case of a late-night pre-game, off-beat movie night, or just wanting “to hang”, just say NO. Behind closed doors is always where the mischief starts. If a guy and his pals, you do not personally know, wants tohang, tell them to meet you in the lobby or even at the nearest bar. You never want to put yourself in any compromising positions that could lead to an unwanted situation.

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3. Don’t Mix Alcohols

I cannot stress enough, and even then, you probably still wouldn’t listen, but for the sake of not giving up, “Don’t Mix Alcohols!” Pretty please. I’m a testament to being that girl throwing up outside of the club and having the dreaded hangover the day after. Mixing alcohols are like mixing juice with coffee, yah just don’t do it!

4. Drink Water and Eat, Eat, Eat

One thing party-goers seem to always forget is to eat. Trust, you’re going to need something hearty in your system to soak up all that liquor.

Choose all the grease and bread you want in this case. Whatever can absorb liquid, eat up!

Also, don’t forget to drink water. The many people you find passed out in the sand is because of dehydration, not because

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