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6 Reasons Why You’re Naturally Healthier In The Summer

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Did you even know there was such a thing as being “healthier in the summer”? If not, hear it here first, because it’s true!

The summer is meant to be full of sunshine and good times, but who wouldn’t mind losing an inch or two while you’re at it? The heat and the sun naturally add value to our skin, senses, and body in a number of ways.

Check out 6 reasons why you’re going to be naturally healthier this summer, without even trying:

1. The Sun Helps You Feel More Awake & Energized

During the winter months, you produce excessive amounts of melatonin, the hormone responsible for making you tired. The lack of sunlight makes you feel sleepy and less productive.

However, when summer rolls around, melatonin levels go down and you’re naturally more awake and energized!

2. Summertime Encourages You To Go Out & Be Active

Winter is cold and often makes you want to just stay inside all day to keep warm. The summer does the exact opposite.

Warm weather gives you more reasons to be active. You don’t have to put on a ton of layers just to step outside, so it’s a lot easier to just get dressed for a workout and go.

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3. Better Mood

The sun signals your body and your brain to produce more of the hormone called serotonin, which makes you happy and improves your mood. You’ll be happier and be able to enjoy your days without having to deal with the wintertime blues.

4. Sunlight Elevates Stress & Promotes Good Bone Health

Sunlight gives your body its much-needed dose of

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