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6 Reasons You Should Give Up Meat For A Day

reasons to give up meat
Many people wonder how to eat meatless, or at least how to eat less meat. Did you know that, ideally, three-quarters of our plate should be filled with fruits and plants?

But these days, vegetables take a backseat to meat. The average American eats almost 300 lbs of meat a year! When meat is the center of the meal, it’s easy to lose focus on the other potentially-amazing foods on your plate. Consequently, we began to lose focus on the importance of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Planning a meatless meal for one day a week doesn’t have to be about becoming a vegetarian permanently…it can simply re-acquaint you with the other important and delicious delights your palate is missing out on.

According to an article on Medscape Today, “Polyphenols in fruits, soybean, vegetables, herbs, roots, and leaves act as bioactive components related with prevention of cancer, heart diseases and diabetes.” So not only do you reduce saturated fat, but you also increase your consumption of nutrients proven to fight for you if you go vegetarian one day a week.

Here are 6 good reasons why:


Eating less meat and more grains, beans, fruits and veggies means you’ll be consuming fewer calories, less cholesterol, saturated fat and higher amounts of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. That can add up to many health benefits.

On average, people who eat less meat are leaner, less apt to gain weight than those who eat the most meat, less prone to colorectal cancer, and suffer from fewer heart problems. People who eat less meat or no meat at all have significantly less body weight indices.

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Yes! Remember when Popeye would each spinach and make him strong? Well, there are veggies that can keep you strong in the bedroom too.

Sometimes, meats can weigh us down, make us sluggish, and have even been tied to erectile dysfunction. So, keep it

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