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6 Reasons You Should Try Yoga

benefits of yoga
Besides being “in,” yoga is an incredibly beneficial activity for all ages and abilities. The health benefits of yoga are great, and many people are much happier as a result of their practice.

But why?

If you have never stepped onto a yoga mat, or if it has been a while since you’ve taken a yoga class, the following reasons why you should get with the program may inspire you to make it a priority.

1. Yoga training can help reduce muscle soreness after a strength workout

A study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that after a bout of eccentric training (workouts that cause muscle soreness the next day), a single bout of yoga significantly improves soreness the next day.

While I know some people enjoy feeling muscle soreness, the next day after a workout, some people do their best to avoid it. If you want to reduce your muscle soreness try yoga out.

It may also be helpful for those who have a race or competition coming up. It is essential to continue to train but soreness can hinder performance.

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2. Yoga improves your sex life

Speaking of the benefits of yoga, it can also improve your sex life. Pelvic muscles are very important when engaging in sex. You can work your pelvic floor muscles by zeroing in on your Mula bandha (root lock), kandharasana (bridge pose), and the supta baddha konasana (reclining bound angle pose).

Wash away fatigue and rejuvenate your body by practicing poses like the balasana (child’s pose) and padmasana (lotus pose).

Experience improved sex when you practice the upavistha konasana (sitting wide-legged straddle pose). To amp up your sexual stamina and go the distance in bed, you need a body and mind that can keep up. Yoga can help you find

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