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7 Things to Never Say to a Man –

Believe it or not, yes, guys have feelings too. Behind their sometimes tough, no-nonsense exteriors, a lot of men actually have emotions that can be hurt far worse with words than with sticks and stones. Think again! You could be breaking his heart and crushing his ego without even knowing it.

If you value your relationship and want to avoid an explosive fight over a whole lot of nothing, there are just some things you should never ever, ever say to a guy.

Luckily, we surveyed over 500 men and these are things they said they never want to hear their mate say to them.

1. Be a man.

Who made women the foremost authority on what the definition of a man is? Even if you had a great father as a role model for what manhood is, every man is still different. You man is different. We would like to think that that is the reason why you’re in a relationship with him, so allow him to process, feel and think things through only he can.

Also, in times when gender roles and standards are evolving; your guy definitely doesn’t need to “man up” or “be a man.” If your guy is going through something on the personal front and is showing you his vulnerable side; first see how you can support him and then allow him to work his way through it, with you by his side.

2. Why can’t you be more like _______?”

Saying this or something like it sounds like you’re unhappy with your man. You might want to say it as a joke but there’s a grain of truth in it and the only thing he will hear is that he’s not good enough and he’s not meeting your expectations for what you want. Playing the comparison game is setting you and him up for failure.

Just think for a second how you might feel if he told you, why can’t you be more like that girl he used to know, or even worse, his mother?

We understand that sometimes these things just slip out of our mouths without even thinking but words like this can be really, really hurtful.

Men hate to be compared to others unless the comparison is in their favor. Your man wants to feel that you’ve chosen him because you like him as he is not for who you want him to be.

3. Do You Think She’s Pretty?

Even worse than asking if you look fat is asking if he thinks another girl is pretty. Because you totally want him to check out all the other girls walking down the street. Yeah, that’s a genius idea (sarcasm intended).

This question is pinning him between a rock and a hard place. He knows he can’t win. He knows he can never provide a response that will result in a positive outcome. If he says that he thinks the other girl is cute, then

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