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7 Tips to Help You Breathe Better in Your Home

breathe better

Living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can be difficult. You might cough a lot and deal with chest tightness. And sometimes, the most leisurely activities can leave you feeling breathless.

Symptoms of this chronic disease may heighten with age. There’s no remedy for COPD, but treatment can help you control the condition successfully.

If you’re living with COPD and the medication you’re on is successfully addressing your symptoms, you may be wondering what sort of lifestyle changes you should also make to help you stay well.

Some individuals find that practicing peaceful breathing exercises gives them more control over their breath. It can also help to strengthen your respiratory muscles and breathe easier.

But suggestions for managing COPD don’t stop there. Making shifts around your house can create a more relaxed, breathable space.

Here are a few hacks for a COPD-friendly home.

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Keep a Fan in the Bathroom

breathe better

Steam from a shower increases the humidity level in the bathroom. This can also aggravate COPD, triggering coughing and shortness of breath.

To avoid exacerbating symptoms, only shower in well-ventilated bathrooms. If possible, shower with the door open, crack a bathroom window, or use an exhaust fan.

If these aren’t an option, put a portable fan in the bathroom while showering to reduce humidity and ventilate the room.

Don’t Allow Smoking in Your Home

Many cases of COPD are due to smoking, whether first or secondhand. Even if you’ve given it up, exposure to cigarette smoke can cause a flare or worsen your symptoms.

To keep your respiratory system healthy, you should avoid

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