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7 Ways To Lower Your Cholesterol Every Time You Eat


Have you ever wondered how the foods you eat could impact your cholesterol?

One of many known truths is this: a diet rich in fiber can lower cholesterol to healthier levels.

But fewer than 5 percent of average American adults actually get the adequate daily amount of fiber (25 to 38 grams) necessary for a balanced diet, according to Metamucil.

Adding more fiber to your diet isn’t easy. It’s a challenge, but it’s well worth it. Here are some ways to plan for a fiber-induced diet:

Eat Breakfast & Lower Your Cholesterol

Let go of the bacon – yes, we all love the bacon. A bowl of oatmeal or other high-fiber cereal, like Kashi, is the better option.

Choose Snacks That Help Lower Cholesterol Levels

Junk food is a big no-no. That includes the chips and dips. Instead, make raw veggies like carrots and hummus, nuts, air-popped popcorn and yogurt the go-to snacks when you’re feeling hungry before or after a meal.

Fruits > Juices

Juices are tasty and they may taste like our favorite fruits – berries, pomegranates, mangos and bananas.

But, juice is not the real thing. The healthier, fiber-induced option is whole fruits like

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