75 Sayings to Up Confidence in Your Beautiful Natural Self!

Looking for No Makeup Quotes? Well, you have come to the right place! We have compiled 75 quotes that are all about inspiring you to feel absolutely fabulous without a single lick of makeup on!

Is makeup bad? Nope. However, sometimes in the world of selfies, social media and cosmetics ads we can lose ourselves or our confidence. However, always remember that makeup does not make you who you are, it is just there to enhance your already awesome beauty.


No Makeup Quotes


We hope that this post helps you see how wonderful naturally you are and that you are so so special. Enjoy all the no makeup quotes below and don’t forget to share with all your besties and GFs!

No Makeup Quotes: 75 Sayings to Up Confidence in Your Beautiful Natural Self

There’s no better makeup than self-confidence.

Inner beauty needs no makeup.

Watching yourself go from a ten –to still a ten– when you take your makeup off.

The sweetest thing a guy said is that I look pretty with or without makeup.




I don’t need makeup, I know I’m beautiful without it.

No makeup and no bra days are my fave.

True beauty is wearing no makeup and being 110% okay with it.

As much as I love makeup and having my hair done, I really love messy buns and rubbing my eyes freely.

Whether I’m wearing lots of makeup or no makeup, I’m always the same person inside.

As much as I love makeup, my favorite thing is when I feel beautiful without it.

Every girl wants a guy who she can run up to with her hair a mess, no makeup and the first thing he says is, “You’re beautiful.”

A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.




There is beauty in simplicity.

Beauty is what’s underneath the makeup, not something created by the makeup.

Make him smile with your clothes on, makeup off and true personality. That’s real.

My mother never wore makeup. But she taught me about inner beauty. She always told me to be kind to others and be a good person.

Joy is the best makeup.

A confident girl doesn’t show off her naked body, she shows off her naked face.

The beauty of a woman is not in her facial makeup but in the kindness of her soul.



No Makeup Quotes


A girl without makeup is not an ugly girl. It’s just a girl who assume her real beauty.

When she cute without makeup. Ohhh, you pretty pretty!

You’re just as beautiful without makeup as you are with it.

Love the skin you’re in.

I love natural beauty, I think it’s your best look, but I think makeup as an artist is so transformative.

No amount of makeup can mask an ugly heart.

No need to put makeup on what God already put his paintbrush on.

I’m not a habitual practitioner of the art of face painting.

Your face isn’t a mask don’t cover it.




No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart.

You are so beautiful without these things.

Happiness is the best makeup.

I finally realized that I’m beautiful on the inside regardless of a couple bumps here and there… who cares?

If it makes you feel beautiful then do it.

Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.

Online shopping. No makeup, no pants, not a problem.

Feel beautiful without makeup.

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.



No Makeup Quotes


There are more important things than outside appearance. No amount of makeup can cover an ugly personality.

My personal style is really comfy: flats, tennis shoes, ponytails, no makeup.

Caring about beauty, it is necessary to start with the heart and soul, otherwise no [amount] will help.

Sweatpants, messy bun, no makeup, just chilling.

There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness.

Beauty is not about looks, makeup or clothes. True beauty comes from being yourself.

The best makeup is your smile. There is no beauty like the one that comes from inside of you.

I like my beauty on the inside.

She wears no makeup, still looks too beautiful.



No Makeup Quotes


Beauty isn’t makeup.

The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics is easier to buy.

Smiling is 69% more attractive than wearing makeup.

If girls wore no makeup and just comfy clothes, guys would learn to like girls based on their natural beauty.

Take your makeup off, take a breath and look into the mirror at yourself, don’t you like you? Cause I like you.

All the makeup in this world can never cover up an empty brain. (52)

Please love your natural lips as much as you love the new glittering shiny lipstick you just bought.

I’m a big believer in that if you focus on good skincare, you really won’t need a lot of makeup.

Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.

A girl is at her prettiest with no makeup on.

I feel most beautiful at night, when I take my makeup off and it’s just me.

She wasn’t wearing makeup that night, and didn’t need any. The moonlight was her makeup.

Beneath the makeup and behind the smile, I am just a girl who wishes for the world.

I’m a proud supporter of no makeup, messy hair and pajamas all day… who’s with me?

Your makeup should never precede you, but walk with you.



No Makeup Quotes


Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates.

Keep calm and love your skin.

No makeup vibes.

Confidence Level: Selfie with no filter.

Whenever I don’t have to wear makeup it’s a good day.

There will be haters, doubters, non-believers, and then there will be you proving them wrong.

Sundays are for Netflix, no makeup and naps.

Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself inside and out.

Be enough for yourself first, the rest of the world can wait.

Visualize your highest self then start showing up as her.

I would love to see women confident in their own beauty.

Today I want you to think about all that you are instead of all that you are not.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing women they looked better in their makeup.

No makeup or skincare product can change what you think about yourself, self acceptance comes from within.

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