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8 Foods That Will Help Improve your Memory

Have you been playing the Google memory game and noticed you’re getting worse each passing day? A lot of the time, your memory can deteriorate without warning, but there is a way to fight back.

This article introduces 8 foods that can get your brain back in working order and improve your top score in those memory exercises. You may even be shocked to learn that some of your daily favorites have been helping your memory all along. 



Starting your day with a cup of coffee is a no-brainer. It gets your motor running early in the morning and helps you remember everything you need to do before you head into the office. Numerous studies have found that caffeine can positively impact your short and long-term memory.

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food that improve memory

Turmeric is another fan favorite for those trying to live a healthy lifestyle because of its vast benefits. On top of improved memory, turmeric can help with inflammation because of its antioxidants, but it can also help arthritis, liver disease, and many other ailments.

Don’t be afraid to put turmeric powder in your next dish or make a smoothie with the beneficial spice. Turmeric tea is also a popular option if you want something warm.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds Health Benefits

Pumpkin seeds are abundant during the fall season thanks to the festive activities centered around the scary fruit. It has a profound impact on memory because of the zinc and magnesium components that lie within it.

With that in mind, add a few more pumpkin seeds to that pumpkin pie recipe during the fall get-togethers so everyone can receive the wonderful benefits.


foods that improve memory

Oh, broccoli, every small child’s worst nightmare. If only little kids knew that broccoli could help them remember why they should eat it in the first place, they’d be better off. 

In all seriousness, broccoli is a part of the leafy green family, known for its ability to improve memory. This is primarily because of

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