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9 Winter Tips For Stiff Joints

tips for stiff joints

You don’t need psoriatic arthritis to benefit from these techniques; they’ll help with joint pain or stiffness and help you relax, too.

Wax Dips

Wax therapy involves soaking in a bowl of warm paraffin wax, which is a very efficient method of increasing mobility by warming the connective tissues. Hand therapists often include wax treatment in hospital-based exercise regimens since it is most effective when applied to the hands.

Wax bath treatment alleviates discomfort, relaxes muscles, and preps the body for activity by reducing stiffness and improving mobility. Although paraffin wax bath treatment is risk-free, it is important to avoid overheating the wax when using at-home kits. If you have any kind of open wounds, sores, or skin inflammation, you shouldn’t utilize wax bath treatment.

Heating Pad & Blanket Or Heat Lamp

Another option is to use a heating pad, but remember that wet heat goes deeper into the body than dry heat. You can get moist/dry heating pads and hot packs from the store, but you can get the same results with something you make at home. To dry a towel, heat it for 20-60 seconds in the microwave (depending on the strength of your microwave and thickness) or 5-10 minutes in an oven preheated to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Never put a heated towel directly to a joint without testing it on the inside of your arm; the towel should feel warm but not hot. Wrapping the hot, wet towel in a thin, dry towel before applying it to the skin is a precautionary measure.

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Wear Layers To Combat Stiff Joints

Wearing the appropriate gear while venturing into the cold might help reduce joint pain. An assistant professor of kinesiology at Philadelphia’s University of the Sciences, Heidi V. Freeman, Ph.D., advises her students to “wear layers” to combat the cold. To stay warm while minimizing bulk, layering thin fabrics are a great option.

Chemistry Cachet’s Collagen Concoction

It has been shown via scientific research that collagen may aid in the lubrication and regeneration of tissue around your joints. Vitamin C is a chemical cofactor required by collagen. Vitamin C acts as a transmitter in the body, and many nutrients can’t be absorbed without it. You may get a lot of vitamin C from orange juice, which is perfect.

Tens Machine

Think about the Benefits of Electrical Stimulation (TENS). The transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) device is a tiny device that uses electrodes to transfer electrical impulses into the body near the painful spot. It may be helpful for arthritis, although it’s seldom used. In any case, it seems to help some individuals.

Stretching & Foam Rolling

Maintaining warm muscles that are also flexible might be one of the most helpful things you can do throughout the winter to prevent

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