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A Pregnant Florida Mother is Sent Home From Hospital After Complaints of Severe Pain are Ignored, Forcing Emergency Delivery at 23 Weeks

Maternal Mortality Crisis: Medical Negligence Forces Expectant Family Into Premature Delivery; Human, Civil, Parental, and Patient Rights Violated

SARASOTA, FLORIDA – On October 28, 2022, the Washington family checked into Sarasota Memorial Hospital after
mom experienced severe pains in her abdomen at just 23 weeks pregnant. Absent a thorough observation of the
mother and her growing baby, hospital staff dismissed her complaints as simply “pregnancy pains,” sending her home
with antibiotics and a muscle relaxer. Just hours later, she was rushed back to the hospital in excruciating pain, only to
discover she was in labor and her cervix was more than 1 cm dilated. Additionally, her amniotic sac (water) had
broken and meconium (fetal feces) was present, the umbilical cord was wrapped three times around the baby’s neck,
and she was experiencing a placental abruption, resulting in severe internal bleeding. Despite being in early labor, the
hospital pressured mom to submit to a drug test in exchange for pain relief. Ultimately, she was denied any pain relief
for more than three hours. When finally seen by a physician, they are told that had they not returned to the hospital,
both mother and baby would have died that night. An emergency C-section was then performed to save both lives.
The newborn continues to fight for her life. The family has major concerns regarding the level of care and respect they
received postpartum. Mom felt unsafe while admitted to the hospital, stating, “had I been a dog, I would have gotten
better care.” The family alleges ongoing human, civil, Indigenous, parental, and patient rights violations, as well as
medical reporting fraud. They cite the Racial Integrity Act of 1924, United Nations Declaration on the Rights of
Indigenous Peoples, Florida Patient’s Bill of Rights, birth registration inconsistent with Florida Statute Title XXIX,
Section 382.013, and more. This ordeal has traumatized them and impacted their ability to sustain themselves
financially. The family is also experiencing a housing crisis after recently losing their home under questionable legal
circumstances. They are raising funds to locate housing, secure compassionate health care, and retain legal
representation. The hashtags #9Miracle and #9Strong will promote awareness of their premature newborn’s recovery.
About Florida Freedmen Advocacy Center, Inc: FFAC, Inc. works to identify and preserve the history and heritage of
the descendants of emancipated slaves (and self-emancipated “Maroons”) in the state of Florida, and to advance
causes and respond to issues relevant to members of the American Freedmen community through research, education,
and grassroots social action. We educate Floridians on the historic and present statistical realities facing this
community, and provide resources and referrals to families in crisis. Our vision is to unite citizens, policy makers, and
change agents to develop sustainable solutions. Visit for more information.

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