ADOS Is Most Powerful And Influential Group In Reparations Conversation

As ADOS (American Descendants of Slavery) gears up for its second annual conference set for this fall, ADOS co-founder Yvette Carnell recently sat down with BNC News host Dr. Marc Lamont Hill to discuss reparations, among other topics.

During the discussion, Hill called ADOS the most “powerful” and “influential” organization in the reparations conversation.

BNC (Black News Tonight) tweeted, “A poll showed that two-thirds of Americans oppose #reparations. Yvette Carnell (@abruneeakingBrown), president of #ADOS Advocacy Foundation, and @marclamonthill have a discussion about what reparations needs to look like, who it needs to help and more. #BlackNewsTonight”.

“There are many people on the forefront of this (reparations) movement but there is probably no movement more powerful, more vocal, and more influential in the conversation about reparations in the United States than that of ADOS,” said Hill in his introduction of Carnell.

Hill continued, “It’s controversial, it’s debated, it’s contested but it’s absolutely one of the most important organizations.”

When asked about the local reparations programs that several cities have created, Canell stressed that while ordinances can be made on the local level to help close the wealth gap, reparations must be issued on the federal level.

“Reparations has to be a national project because it was America that did this, it wasn’t just local communities…so we have to start at the federal level…we need real money, we need real wealth because wealth was plundered, so wealth must be repaid,” explained Carnell.

When Hill asked Carnell to explain the ADOS reparations vision, she replied: “At ADOS Advocacy Foundation we are committed to cash payments, and we are committed to cash payment to a special group of people and those are American descendants of slavery. Now we have a transformative Black agenda that includes all Black people but in terms of reparations those are the people that built this country, that have been systematically, methodically oppressed since then.”

Carnell added that once reparations are given there also have to be federal policies in place to “protect” that wealth.

“You can give wealth to a group of people and that wealth is plundered by white supremacy,…you have to have certain protections.”

Hill questioned how much in terms of cash payments are needed for reparations.

“I like to talk about it as a down payment… because it takes a lot more time to heal the wound than to infect a wound and America has been inflicting a wound for 400-plus years…but we’re talking about at least $20 trillion, and that’s a downpayment,” said Carnell, who stressed that that money does not need to be paid at once, payments could be made over a period of time.

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