After Losing Her Job, Candace Okin Found Her Purpose By Preparing ‘Kidpreneurs’ For Financial Success Through Her Nonprofit

Okin is also investing in children’s businesses through three grants totaling $500 each. The financial resource launched this year and has already awarded two recipients: Madyson Johnson, founder of Maydson Amour Cares Collection, and Mishael Fontenelle, founder of Little Legacy Heroes. The funding is a stepping stone to further supporting their vision.

“I know our economy is not the same as it was when I was coming out of school. So, we have to be resourceful and we have to be creative with the ways in which we sustain our lifestyles, especially with the new and upcoming generation and this global marketplace.”

She continued: “It’s just essential that they understand their options. To see so many kids, as young as seven and eight, who are serious about a pathway to entrepreneurship at that age, it’s inspiring. How can you not get behind that? So, I wanted to showcase to them that if your heart is in it, you will be supported.”

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