After Pitching To Over 100 VCs, This Black Founder Raised $4.4M In Funding For His Invite-Only Money Club Pre-Product, Pre-Launch

Now, there is no “what if” as the Neon Money Club is providing certainty for an area that often has an intimidation factor within the community.

The digital invite-only money club rejects traditional verbiage to embrace concepts that people are already familiar with, in hopes of building a safe space for users as they explore investment arenas in streetwear and sneakers, among others.

“What if we could give our 20-year-old selves a safe space to go and not just learn the keys to the game and investing, but to actually do it right and to actually know the value of the things that they already know the value of,” Bailey explained. “You could look in my closet right now and you can check out all my sneakers. You can check out all my drip. I got electronics around here. I’m sitting here looking at an iPhone, I’m talking to you on an Apple computer. I own those things, but I don’t own the company. So, how can I own a piece of that company that I already know is valuable and is already a part of my everyday life.”

He continued: “We just figured out a way to do that and build. We didn’t want to build another financial app or another investing app. There are enough of those. We wanted to build a digital place for people to feel safe and somewhere where they’re not talking to you like a bank in the 1920s. Everything out there right now — they’re using the same concepts, the same terms, the same things that basically scare people away. We didn’t want to do that.”

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