After Winning $100K From Pharrell Williams’ Black Ambition Prize, These Founders Launched A Browser Extension To Help You Buy Black

As the company looks ahead it hopes for Shea’d to land under the radar of more consumers. In addition, the founders are looking to integrate owner profiles for customers to learn more about the face behind the brand. The feature was used for their former application and resonated well with their users.

“Our main focus is trying to get it in front of people and understand ‘What else do you need?’ But as far as things we are considering, one feature that we did have on our previous app, is that for each business, we had an owner profile. And the idea is that even when we talk to people now, it’s not just about supporting this product or a community, it’s also I wanna see the dedication of this business owner, I wanna know why they created this, and why I should support this person and not just like a brand,” Havard said.

She continued: “So, we’ve been getting that feedback and we are considering how can we kind of incorporate that back into our new product or extension.”

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