Amazon Pharmacy To Provide Accessibility To Prescription Drugs For Less — Here’s How

In support of the same mission of affordability like Amazon Pharmacy, Mark Cuban launched his online pharmacy — The Cost Plus Drug Company — in January 2022.

As previously reported by AfroTech, the billionaire’s company provides low prices on common medications and customers pay for the pills based on what it costs to make. His act of disrupting the pharmaceutical supply chain isn’t solely for his own personal gain, but rather for the general public.

“I want to be above break even while maximizing the number of people who can afford their medications,” Cuban told TechCrunch. “Shoot. I would be happy if we can make a little, but push pricing of generics sold elsewhere down significantly.”

He continued: “Our challenge is to keep pushing prices lower. Our KPI is how much we can reduce the stress of our patients who buy generic meds. When people save a lot of money on their medications, they often will tell others they know that have the same challenges. That word of mouth impacts our growth the most.”

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