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Are Lash Extensions Putting Your Eyes at Risk?

lash extensions

Beauty can come at a price but you should ask yourself if your lash extensions are worth putting your eyes at risk for bacterial or fungal infections. It seems like every time I look around I see most women wearing faux lashes and the length ranges from natural-looking to “I believe I can fly” to space with my eyelashes big. 

Eyelash extensions may seem to be the latest cosmetic trend of our time to some folks, but to be quite honest this multibillion-dollar industry has been around since the early to mid-1900s. Some of us ladies, get lash extensions to give our onlookers that bold, sultry, sexy cat-eye look and others just like to be glamorous, dramatic and daring. 

Regardless of your reason for wearing the lashes, these single synthetic fibers that are individually glued to your natural lashes can become your worst nightmare having you seeking medical attention at your nearest ophthalmologist.

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The glue used for the lashes are usually made with formaldehyde-based adhesives which can cause irritation to the skin, eyes, throat, nose and high levels of this toxin may even cause some types of cancers. 

Some researchers have reported that lash extensions can cause allergic reactions creating pink eye (conjunctivitis) and repeated use can also result in hair loss creating alopecia due to the excessive weight from the extensions.

Even if you wear your lashes once in a while, pulling them off and on can attract bacteria and dirt which could cause a stye or a chalazion to form creating more issues with your sight.

Can you imagine having a red swollen bump on the edge of your eyelid ?!  That’s definitely not the look you are trying to achieve when it comes to enhancing your beauty. 

A stye and chalazion are very similar, however, there are some sudden differences between them. Most styes are caused by a

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