Ashley Caines Explains Why DAOs Can Reshape The Future Of CryptoTrading

During BTGM, Caines breaks down the acronym (DAO) that she says often has a way of confusing people. 

“If you take the decentralized part, it boils down to votes,” Caines explained. “In most cases, there are widgets that are put into either the telegram, the discord, or wherever the community gathers, and the large decisions are made by vote. That’s the decentralized part of it.”

From there, she explains how the governance team oversees the decisions and goes in to vote which leads to the next term, autonomous. 

“This comes up when I think about potentially having an AfroTech DAO or DAOs that are linked to larger corporations or other entities,” she continued. “They are by definition intended to be autonomous and to be free of any sort of larger agenda than the one that is set forth by the governing body and the voting people that fill out the ‘d’ part of that acronym.”

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