Baby Phat New Capsule Collection-FIRE Jeans and That CLASSIC Velour Suit!

The Baby Phat New Capsule Collection is all THAT and a bag of MAJOR OOTD chips! With the resurgence of Y2K fashions, Baby Phat has once again found its stylish place and home in the streetwear couture realm. Thanks in part to super cute, trendy items that are nostalgic; yet still glamorously modern. Therefore, what’s up for grabs?

Baby Phat New Capsule Collection-FIRE Jeans and That CLASSIC Velour Suit

First of all, the Baby Phat jeans are BACK! Slim, sexy and sassy with the iconic cat on the bottom. What a time to be ALIVE lol!


Baby Phat New Capsule Collection


Seriously, these jeans will hit your curves in all the right ways. Plus, they come in a dark rinse, which is great for accomplishing a slimming effect and making your legs look longer. And isn’t that really what we want anyway? To look DIVINE and like we walked right out of a magazine without trying?  Yes, here’s to effortless looking style and beauty!

Nevertheless, Baby Phat also has a new classic Velour Suit as part of the new collection. In the 2000’s there wasn’t anything better than this particular style. Girls trotted the streets in their laidback, colorful suits with a yoga mat under one arm, a Starbucks coffee in the other hand; hair up in messy bun and a pair of stunna shades. Yes, the unofficial Y2k uniform this year is once more the MOMENT.



Lastly, in this capsule you will additionally find an outerwear trend that continues to hit up these fashion streets. If you thought… Puffer jacket? You are right! These fun, full coats will keep you warm and chic all season long. So then, get into this new collection and be the streetwear Queen of your fashionable block!



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