Barbara Ann Teer-Sampled Voice Visionary in Beyoncé’s Alien Superstar!

UNIQUE! Yes, the award-winning Barbara Ann Teer is once again blessing us with her inspirational prowess in the realm known as Beyoncé’s RENAISSANCE! Teer’s sultry, yet also commanding voice can be heard during Bey’s hit song, Alien Superstar. The music single hit number one on Apple Music; and also rapidly helped push the debut of Mrs. Carter’s latest EP, to number one on the Billboard 200 chart too.

Nevertheless, besides having an instantaneous captivating tune; Alien Superstar mesmerizes with it’s emotion driven spoken word lyrics. Indeed it is seriously electric! Moreover, Beyoncé effortlessly delivers a musical one-two punch through an ethereal club beat and also entrancing vocals. Clearly, Bey was going for an otherworldly vibe; and she nails it!

However, one snippet that Hive fans cannot get enough of is a sample of Dr. Barbara Ann Teer’s voice. It’s a part that’s repeat and also recite worthy. Nonetheless, the innovator is heard spitting truth about women who truly ‘rattle’ this world.

Moreover, Teer is also a very fitting addition since she is famous for setting the standard; and also pushing beyond boundaries. Are you familiar with this wonderful and also legendary woman?

National Black Theatre in Harlem and Other Notable Achievements of Barbara Ann Teer

Let us just tell you… Barbara was a FORCE! One of those talents that just disrupt society; in a positive and also very influential way. Moreover, as Alien Superstar preaches; Teer is truly “the bar” and also “forever that girl” in terms of talent and grace.


Barbara Ann Teer



Why? For instance, Teer hated negative black stereotypes and also fought fiercely against them. Moreover, Barbara wanted black artists to be taken seriously; and to be able to play more than just ‘slave’ roles. So she literally created the FIRST revenue-generating black theater arts complex in America. A LEGEND.

Moreover, she is someone that is just truly inspiring and also a major player in black history. A true Queen worthy of a spotlight and also imitation.

Nevertheless, we will stop fangirling (Lol) now and quickly talk her history. Therefore, what are a few of Teer’s many achievements?

Barbara Ann Teer Highlights

  • Actress and also classically trained Dancer
  • Producer
  • Writer
  • Champion of the Black Arts Movement and also the Founder of the National Black Theatre
  • Danced with Alvin Ailey Dance Company and also performed on Broadway
  • Additionally, Teer won several Obie Awards as well as a Drama Desk honor

As one can see, Teer was UNIQUE! A superstar. Clearly, giving new meaning to Queen Bey’s hit song.

Makes you want to learn the words more, huh? We feel you! Scroll on we got the lyrics!

Barbara Ann Teer-Sampled Voice Visionary in Beyoncé’s Alien Superstar! (Opening/First Verse)

Ready to learn Alien Superstar? It’s easy! Nevertheless, we broke the song up into 2 sections to make it a little easier to memorize  and also catch the flow. Have fun!

Here’s the lyrics the Alien Superstar:

Please do not be alarmed, remain calmDo not attempt to leave the dancefloorThe DJ booth is conducting a troubleshoot test of the entire system

I’m one of oneI’m number oneI’m the only oneDon’t even waste your time trying to compete with me (don’t do it)No one else in this world can think like me (true)I’m twisted (twisted)I’ll contradict it, keep him addictedLies on his lips, I lick it

UniqueThat’s what you areStilettos kicking vintage crystal off the barCategory, bad bitchI’m the bar (ooh)Alien superstar (unique)(Hit me with a) whip, whip

I’m too classy for this worldForever I’m that girlFeed you diamonds and pearlsOoh, babyI’m too classy to be touchedI pay them all in dustI’m stingy with my love (unique)Ooh, baby, I’m

U-N-I-Q-U-E (unique)Ooh, I’m stingy with my love (unique)Ooh, baby, I’mU-N-I-Q-U-E (unique)Ooh, I’m stingy with my love (unique)

Alien Superstar Beyonce- (Verse 2 and Bridge)

Unicorn is the uniform you put onEyes on you when you performEyes on I when I put onMastermind in haute coutureLabel whores can’t clock, I’m so obscure (unique)Masterpiece, genius, drip intravenous Patty cake on that wrist Tiffany blue billboards over that ceiling (unique)We don’t like plain, always dreamed of paper planesMile-high when I rodeo Then I come down and take off again (unique)You see pleasure in my glareLook over my shoulder and you ain’t scaredThe effects you have on me when you stareHead on a pillow, hike it in the air

I’m too classy for this worldForever I’m that girlFeed you diamonds and pearlsOoh, babyI’m too classy to be touchedI pay them all in dustI’m stingy with my love (unique)Ooh, baby, I’m

I got pearls beneath my legs (U-N-I-Q-U-E)My lips, my hands, my hipsI got diamonds beneath my thighsWhere his ego will find blissCan’t find an ocean deep (U-N-I-Q-U-E)That can compete with this cinnamon kiss Fire beneath your feet, music when you speakYou’re so unique

Unique That’s what you areLingerie reflecting off the mirror on the barCategory, sexy bitchI’m the barAlien superstar (unique)

We dress a certain way, we walk a certain wayWe talk a certain way, we-we paint a certain wayWe-we make love a certain way, you knowAll of these things we do in a different Unique, specific way that is personally ours

We just reaching out to the solar systemWe flying over bullshit, we flying overSupernatural love up in the airI just talk my shit, Casanova, superstar, supernovaPower, pull ’em in closerIf that’s your man, then why he over here? (Unique)

The Impact of Beyoncé’s Music

Is Beyoncé changing the music game again? YES! She already sets trends and the modern day standard; however, now she is pushing the notch up yet again. This time giving a black history lesson with strong melodic beats!

Think about it, the album is RENAISSANCE. The Queen is opening the doors to her atmosphere, her “museum” so to speak; where we can vibe and also experience art by her and other members of the black community’s ‘greats.’ Splendid.

Moreover, when you really ponder it, Alien Superstar is a bridge. Through Beyoncé’s creative and artistic influence; it is effectively connecting a new generation to our illustrious and historic past. Without this connection, many youths or music lovers would never know the majestic Barbara Ann Teer. Nevertheless, now they do!

Therefore, what artistry! Queen Bey is keeping alive the memory and giving respectful honor and also accolades to black movers and shakers; such as the legendary Barbara Ann Teer. Fabulous.

Nonetheless, we have to tip our designer hats and also give a round of applause to Beyoncé on this amazing song! We have not stopped singing since it’s drop; and probably never will Lol. It’s UNIQUE!

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