Be Empowered and Feel Even More Brilliant!

Living life to the fullest, while being very successful? Not a mere a dream! All you need is to create balance and focus; and couple goals with consistency. That is why today we are doing a quick dive into goals in life for women.

This is important, because sometimes due to circumstances we forget what it really takes to operate at an optimal level and pace. We can think of success as being at the top of a very tall ladder. As we all know, it’s impossible to jump from the bottom to the top.

Therefore, how do you get up there? Simple. You climb safely up, one rung at a time.

We can think of the “rungs” or steps in our lives as goals. Each goal brings us a little bit closer to our overall destination. These goals help us to develop skills, stamina and endurance in order to keep progressing forward.

As you achieve a goal you’re elated! You feel great and accomplished and come to understand that you are stronger than what you think.  And can truly achieve whatever you put your mind to doing.

Therefore, life goals should be worked out and even revisited from time to time. Doing so will keep you centered and able to remain “anchored” as well as calm during life’s challenges. So then, what are some life goals that us women should strive for?

Goals in Life for a Woman: Be Empowered and Feel Even More Brilliant!

Interested in life goals? Don’t know where to start? No problem!

We will have more articles and videos on this in the future. However, below is an excellent list of examples to start getting the gears turning. Enjoy!

Learn Something New: Honey… knowledge is POWER. As our mothers would always say, “The best education you can ever receive, is the one you provide for yourself.” With the invent of technology, internet and social media; there is a WEALTH of knowledge out there just waiting for you to tap into and absorb.

Moreover, learning new skills will always give you an “edge.” You’ll come to understand concepts and ideas that others may not fully comprehend or grasp. Attaining more wisdom can help you be a better student, business owner, worker, sister, mother, friend, GF/Wifey; and the list goes on. There is no downside to becoming more intelligent.

Also, it’s fun! Learn fashion design, painting, how to make cosmetics, film photography, videography, pottery; and more. You may end up enjoying your fab life more with a fun pastime; or be setting yourself up for an amazing career!

Establish a Daily Schedule: Time is money baby! And learning to be more efficient; will help you to be more effective in life. Create a routine where you are able to workout daily, get school or work done, learn something new, and be social. A schedule allows you to accomplish a comfortable work/life balance and helps you stay on top of your goals.


Goals in Life for a Woman


Start a Business: Working for yourself is freeing. However, it does come with challenges. Nevertheless, if you are up for it you will be able to choose your own hours, scale as big as you want and most likely end up making more than you would from any employer.

Therefore, if you are considering becoming an entrepreneur; think about possible options for yourself. What do you enjoy? What might you want to learn how to do? However, most importantly, think about what do people NEED?

Understanding the market will help you create a business that will thrive and grow. Moreover, it will be sustainable during economical changes.

Travel: Is that you we see coming over the Himalayas?! Yes, girl get your travel on! Jet setting is not only good times, but helps you to become even more well-rounded as an individual.

You will see and become accustomed to more cultures and backgrounds. Experience new feelings as well as emotions. You will come to see the world and yourself as different. And that’s a beautiful thing; because differences make the world go round. It’s the “spice” of life!

Furthermore, traveling is great for achieving a ‘reset.’ Sometimes in life, you will just need to get away from it all and recharge your batteries. Therefore, make it a goal to see various destinations and cultural attractions in person or even with your staycations.

Have Savings: Being broke, is a no go. Of course, life can be a roller coaster, and sometimes things are out of your control. However, we don’t just have to be taken along for a ride.

For these types of unexpected moments in life, you need a backup. Learning to save and budget can really be a game changer! It’s a skill that may be hard to master and stick to when Rihanna won’t stop releasing new gloss and illuminating shadows. However, be strong and you’ll thank yourself later.

Aim to budget daily, weekly or monthly. We are creating a very helpful Guide on budgeting that will be up soon. Nevertheless, for example saving $5 a week, will net you an extra $260 in a year. Putting aside $50 a month, will help you save $600. Having the goal of saving $2 a day, will put you at $730 for the year.

Or if your circumstances allow try the C-Note Challenge. Where you save in increments of $100 every month. $100 in a year is $1200. $200 will become $2400. $500 will give you $6,000.

Saving money will help your long term goals. Whether that is to start and fund your own business, retirement, traveling; new house, new car or just having money for emergencies. It doesn’t matter how small either, just start. Over time it will grow and open you up to more possibilities and opportunities.

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