Benny The Butcher Suffers Devastating House Fire, Family Safe  

Benny The Butcher is grateful his family is all okay after they suffered a devastating house fire this week. 

The Griselda rapper shared footage of the aftermath of the blaze which tore through his New York home. Fortunately, the family escaped unharmed.  

While Benny was in L.A. and not home at the time, his child’s mother was, although she managed to flee before the fire took hold.  

In the video, Benny The Butcher walked through his home, surveying the extensive damage. Smoke stained many of the walls, parts of the ceilings collapsed, and windows were shattered and blackened by the flames.  

“We good, I was in L.A. India made it out that m########## ASAP,” Benny explained in the clip. Check out the video below. 


Benny The Butcher Talks BSF

Last month, Benny The Butcher discussed his new role as a music executive with his Black Soprano Family label and the release of their new album Long Live DJ Shay. 

He spoke to Billboard about his evolution and why he felt success was inevitable.  

“I wanted all this, so I focused a little harder,” Benny The Butcher explained. “I realized the arena I’m in, and the stakes are even higher. I’m here because of the grittiness. It’s the east side of Buffalo, and it’s the competitiveness. I gotta prove myself.”  

Benny also opened up about working with Snoop Dogg who orchestrated his Def Jam deal. “Snoop told me to be firm on what I want and know what I want. That’s s### I always knew,” said Benny. 

J.Cole was also a source of inspiration for the Buffalo native after the pair collaborated on “Johnny P’s Caddy” off Tana Talk 4

“With Cole, it was like me getting a glimpse to where I wanna be,” Benny The butcher added. “His advice was to take this s###, have a vision and see myself from where I’m at right now to doing more and seeing myself doing that — and visualizing that s###, ’cause it can happen.”  

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