BEST Eye Makeover Guide for Eyelash Curlers + Lash Lifts!

Are you ready for the ultimate Eye Makeover?! From how to curl lashes, lash lifts, mascara and eyelash curlers; this beauty guide will help you transform your eyelashes faster than a godmother can zap Cinderella into some glass slippers.

If you have ever had any questions (like how to curl your lashes without a curler); then this article will answer it! We have talked to pros, celebrity MUAs and more in order to pull this guide together in record time.

You guys asked us for the best intel on how to curl lashes and now all you have to is follow our Beauty yellow brick road. Ready? Then read on to discover how to curl your eyelashes better than ever before!

How To Curl Lashes: BEST Eye Makeover Guide for Eyelash Curlers and Lash Lifts


How To Curl Lashes


There are so many different makeup tools that can be a part of your makeup kit that it is easy to get overwhelmed. In our opinion, one must have makeup tool is the eyelash curler. It can be easily purchased at your local drugstore for just a few dollars and can last for years.

Plus there are SO many benefits from using one! Do you know them, or a few of them. Here’s a quick refresher of how utilizing an eyelash curler can enhance your natural and full makeup looks!

Eyelash Curler Makeup Benefits

  • Use the curler if you will to experience instant results
  • The curler will help the mascara keep the curl in your lashes all day long and
  • Helps alter appearance, making your eyes look bigger
  • It’s a low-tech (can get them without batteries), inexpensive tool that won’t disappoint you.
  • If you’re not really a fan of mascara, curlers help lashes look more curled and lifted

How to Use Eyelash Curler-The Only Steps You Need to Know



We get questions all the time about how to make lashes look fuller and longer. One thing to always keep in mind is that a mascara product having a great formula is only half the equation. You may have solved for “X” but now it is time to put all the correct steps together in order to achieve a truly flattering result. Where most gals go wrong is not allowing for enough prep time. Yes, our dolls, preparing your lashes for mascara application is the key a great set of lashes.

A traditional metal lash curler can produce dramatic results in a short period of time. Take the lash curler and hold it tightly in your hand to warm it up for about 10-15 seconds. Next, gently clamp the metal lash curler near your lash roots and pulse three times.

Eyelash curlers can also help you give your lashes shape and definition that you don’t always get out of a bottle. In order to create a smooth curve, keep moving the curler down your lashes a little more with each pulse. To give the curl staying power apply mascara right after.

Eyelash Curlers: Need a Curler? No problem! Look no further than industry faves, the JAPONESQUE Power Curl Eyelash Curler and Tweezerman Classic Lash Curler. (Click on the images below to get these wildly popular curlers; we’ll get a small percentage if you do BTW).

Like what you see? Well, we bet you are going to love the prices even more! All of the above eyelash curlers retail for less than $20, with some being just $10!

How to Curl Eyelashes -Help From a Celebrity MUA (Makeup Artist)

The benefits of an eyelash curler can go a long way. This simple, must-have tool gives your lashes a lift in minutes, making your eyes appear super-sized, says makeup artist to the stars Tina Turnbow. By using eyelash curlers you can create a dramatic look without the aid of makeup, especially if you have straight lashes or those that grow downward shielding your eyes.

Furthermore, Turnbow says curling your eyelashes will make you look instantly more awake. However, using an eyelash curler takes a little know how. Before you begin, make sure eyelashes are clean, dry and free of mascara.

Begin by opening the curler and with your eyes open, place your upper lashes in-between. Position the curler near the end of your lashes and gently clamp down. Hold the curler in place for 10 seconds and repeat as necessary.

Do You Curl Eyelashes Before Mascara? The HONEST Truth



This has been such a hot makeup debate for decades. Some say before, others after. It is enough to make your head spin; especially, when you are just searching for one definitive answer.

Therefore, what is the simple, on some realness answer? Simple… Use the curler before you apply your mascara to prevent gunky buildup. The curler will help the mascara keep the curl in your lashes all day long and also make your eyes look bigger. It is literally one of the best a low-tech, inexpensive tools out there on the market that won’t disappoint you.

What about those you say to use an eyelash curler after mascara application? Well, you can. Just a word to the wise, wait until your mascara is in place and dry first. Scrubbing mascara off your curler is a real pain. Plus, if you do choose to use your curler after mascara, you will need to be even more careful.

Your lashes are very sensitive. So being extremely gentle is beyond important. That way you will be able to achieve the curly look you are after without causing your eyes to go “bald” in the process.

How to Curl Your Eyelashes -Heat Things Up!

Oh the eyelash curler! Did you know that a little heat could make all the difference in getting TikTok or Instagram worthy eyelashes? Forget just whipping out your handy curler and going right for the eyes. Start thinking about heat and watch the magic happen.

Think about it, no seriously (LOL). Doesn’t a regular curling iron give your head of hair fabulous results? If you picked up your hair curler, didn’t turn it on, but tried to curl your hair anyway; you probably wouldn’t create one single curl. Why? Because your hair curler is not ON, and the lack of heat means lack of curl. So then, if you actuallydo power up your curler you can create beautiful ringlets thanks to the additional heat.

Take that same hair curler mentality and apply it to your handy eyelash curler. Yes, you will get some results from gently curling your lashes in the normal way, with your eyelash curler. However, why not pump up the results to the max if you can? Add even more dimension and curl to your lashes by utilizing heat.

Simply blast the eyelash curler with a dryer for about 15 to 20 seconds before giving your lashes the cure treatment. Voila you have a heated eyelash curler which will enhance the natural curl of your lashes.

Are Eyelash Curlers Safe?


How To Curl Lashes


Well, now that we know how to curl lashes properly; you may be wondering if it’s a good thing to do period. No one wants to do a beauty technique that’s going to cause damage. So let’s quickly discuss.

It’s interesting, because this is a subject that normally does not receive a lot of attention. Women everywhere use eyelash curlers in order to give their lashes more oomph and lift. However, lash curlers may not be a girl’s best beauty friend; especially if one does not consider personal differences or beauty tool maintenance.

Eye lash curlers are literally designed to crimp and bend eye lashes which can cause some people, not only damage, but loss of eyelash hairs. Think about it, even crimping and bending the hair on top of or your head day after day can eventually cause damage to strands. If you notice that your lashes are becoming more scarce you may want to look to your curler as being the culprit.

Yet, everyone is different. Some can use curler everyday and not once have any issues. Therefore, you will want to be on the lookout for any changes in appearance. If you notice any damaging effects occurring then you may want to go easy on the eyelash curling.

Nevertheless, what can be done to get great eyelash curl without all the damage? Start by investing in a good mascara wand OR eyelash curler. Aim to use a felt mascara wand because they are amazing at creating contoured definition with damage due to being flexible and gentle. Nevertheless, if you choose to go the curler route aim for one that will cause the least amount of stress to your lashes. The Uemura Eyelash Curler which retails for $20-25 will only acquire one squeeze to get your lashes to stay curled all day.

Does Curling Eyelashes Damage Them?

Also, something a lot of people forget about, is that some damage is sort of self-inflicted. Meaning that some problems are caused when one fails to keep their tools in good working order. This includes keeping makeup products extremely clean.

For example, always work with a CLEAN eyelash curler. Why is this important? Well, we are busy people and sometimes we may forget to clean our makeup tools regularly. Moreover, this is why makeup makeup artists implore people to always use eyelash curlers before applying mascara. Since mascara can become stuck to curlers easily.

And this is problem, a big problem! Mascara that is stuck to an eyelash curler puts lashes at a higher risk of getting stuck in the gunk; pulled or broken. Ouch.

So then, if you can’t remember to remove mascara from your curler; it is best to only use an eyelash curler before applying mascara. That way you are able to cut down on the risks of doing harm to your lash line.

Lastly, a lot times why eyelash curlers get such a bad rap, is because people are simply using them incorrectly. Curlers are not dangerous, however, if they are not used right or in a gentle fashion you can rip or tear out your lashes. Therefore, it is very important to learn to use curlers correctly. That way you can enjoy the benefits minus any unnecessary damage.

How to Keep Lashes Curled



We all know that we should curl our lashes BEFORE we apply mascara. However, what about after mascara application? How in the heck do you keep your curl in place?

This important because essentially you are literally just working with hair. Your lashes are just smaller lengths of strands. And what happens to hair after some time has passed since it’s been curled? It FALLS.

Seriously, think about when you use a hot curler on your hair. The ringlets at first are tight, lush and bouncy. Then as the day goes they “fall” and lose their shape.

So what does one do, when they want their head of curls to stay in place? Simple… they use a product with “holding” properties, like hairspray, in order to make their hair be submissive and fall in line. This same type of styling works with eyelashes too.

Mascara is great a holding eyelash curl in place. Just one to a few coats is all one needs to encourage lashes to stay curled up. Nevertheless, there is something else you can do to give yourself even more of a boost.

If you want full, longer looking lashes you should try to curl them (with an eyelash curler); before and after you apply mascara formula. Please note: You want to be very careful and really gentle when ever you are pumping up your lashes with curler tool. You want to give them some extra lift, not rip them out.

Therefore, should you curl your eyelashes before or after you apply mascara? If you answered before, do know it is a complete myth that lashes can only be curled before mascara application. After mascara is applied you may use an eyelash curler, to give lashes a little more bump; just make sure all layers of mascara have dried first. Remember curling helps eyes appear brighter and wider, so don’t forget to curl!

How to Keep Eyelashes Curled

Also, consistency can help you have gravity defying eyelashes too. How? Well, if you curl your lashes regularly you can begin to “train” your eyelashes to stay curled up. You may have noticed that the strands on your head do this too.

For instance, think about what happens when you braid up your hair. If you leave the braids in overnight or for a few days; then take them out, you will notice that your hair is taken on a new shape. Why? Because the braids were consistently holding your hair in the same place for a length of time.

The same can be true of your eyelashes. With regular curling, in time your lashes can become used to “holding their position.” Giving you a nice curly look all the time.

How to Curl Eyelashes Without and Eyelash Curler

Do you have to use an eyelash curler? No. There are other methods you can use. Have you ever considered using a spoon?

Sounds crazy (lol) we know, but it’s true. Moreover, if you think about it, the spoon is perfect for the job because it is already slightly rounded in design. Nevertheless, here’s how to curl lashes easily with a spoon.

  • Heat up a spoon by sticking it in a mug or cup or warm water
  • Press the curved side over your lid and then gently press your lashes against the curved edge of the spoon
  • Hold for 10 seconds then release
  • Apply mascara or natural aloe-vera gel
  • Encourage even more curl development by gently lifting lashes at the base of the lid with the length of a cotton swab

How to Curl Lashes Without Eyelash Curler (Continued) -Easy Beauty Hack

Well, say it ain’t so! If you thought the only way to get a pair of full, voluminous lashes was with mascara then prepared to have your mind rocked! There are other methods our dears and it doesn’t mean yanking, shaking or jiggling a wand. Be the belle of the eyelash ball this season. Get your Best Eyelashes WITHOUT Having to use an Eyelash Curler or Apply Mascara! But how?

What do you need to pull from your beauty bag in order to make your lashes really pop? Got liner? If you do the great! That’s all you will need to accomplish a natural thick looking lash line.

Eyeliner comes in various tints and tones. However, opt for a black or dark brown shade to really give yourself a dramatic result. Also, aim for a waterproof liner product. Smudging as well as smearing isn’t cute and can happen during a long day or due to the fact it is placed so close to a naturally moist area (the eye itself). So then, do yourself a favor and use a waterproof eyeliner that will help define lashes and stay put all day.

Alrighty, so now you got the right product in mind. Where the heck do you put it? Makeup pros say to get your best lashes you need to place liner right smack on the upper rim of your eyes.

When applying think of apply product in-between lashes as well as underneath them. Filling in in-between strands and right below will create the illusion of volume packed eyelashes. You may need to gently lift your lid in order to line those rims. If you do your eyes will pop more than a champagne bottle! AYEEEE!

Lash Lift Tint and Lash Lift Price -How to Curl Lashes Beauty Treatment

If you want a little bit of a longer lasting lash curl result, that still looks very natural; you may consider getting a lash lift. This beauty procedure is like a “perm” for your eyelashes. And no this is not the same as getting lash extensions. Extensions involve glue and allowing a technician to meticulously attach several single lashes.

With a lash lift and tint, treatment starts by first lifting and boosting up each individual lash. Your eyelashes are literally curled from base to tip (utilizing a safe formulated chemical solution), revealing their true full length. Next, your lashes are then darkened or “tinted” for a more darker, thicker and longer looking lashes finish!

How long does that the whole process take? Well, you won’t just be in and out. However, it is still a pretty short process. Each lash lift treatment normally can transform your lashes in about 45 minutes to an hour.

Furthermore, lash lifts are not painful; however, the price for some may be (lol). Just kidding! In the world of beauty treatments this one is pretty affordable. Depending where you go, they typically cost between $50 to $100.

Eyelash Lift and Tint -More Helpful Details to Know

Does getting an eyelash lift and tint sound good to you? Many women love them, because it gives them a nice natural beauty finish. However, as much as we would love to tell you that this treatment will forever change your lashes… well… it won’t.

The results are amazing, but if you want to keep them up, you will have to get your lashes “re-permed.” How long does a lash lift last? You can expect results to remain visible for around four to six weeks. So basically a total of a month, up to a month and a half.

It can also depend on how fast your lashes tend to grow. If your lash hairs grow like weeds, the results may not last as long as someone who’s growth is not as fast. Moreover, some other things to keep in mind is that you should leave your lashes alone the day of the procedure.

  • Avoid mascara for at least 48 hours after treatment
  • Try your best to leave lashes untouched for a full day after treatment
  • Don’t get your lashes wet for 24 hours

Best Curl Holding Mascara -Make Your Efforts Count!


How To Curl Lashes


Man…. there are so many to choose from! This is very good news for a lot of beauty and makeup enthusiasts out there. Since more selection means more amazing options to help transform lashes!

Are you familiar with a few “holy grails” when it comes to mascara? No worries, of course we were not going to leave y’all hanging in our How to Curl Lashes guide! Below you will find a short list of mascaras to consider. They all score high and our personal favorites are by Benefit, L’Oreal and Maybelline, but we love all (Lol).


How to Curl Lash Extensions -The Final How to Curl Lashes Word!

As you can see, we get questions all the time about how to make lashes look fuller and longer. Which is why we are so excited for you all to read this eye makeover guide and get all the answers that you seek!

First and foremost, never forget that it is important to have a great mascara formula on hand. After curling lashes to the desired look, apply a mascara that is waterproof. Why? Waterproof mascaras have proven to be the best in keeping lashes curled for long periods of time. So then, if you want the best results, you have to use the best products available.

Moreover, when using an eyelash curler, place it over the base of the eyelashes right in the middle and close for at least ten seconds then release. If you remove too quickly you may not achieve “the bend” or look you are after.

Most importantly, always start with eyelashes being clean and free of any product residue. If eyelashes are unclean you risk pulling out hairs due to debris sticking to the clamp of the curler.


How To Curl Lashes


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