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Best Inner Thigh Workout | Get Rid of Thick Thighs

inner thigh workout

In a perfect world, our bodies would be totally symmetrical and we’d have all the curves and bumps in all the right places. But we all know that this is reality and sometimes our most problem areas on our body need a bit more work, including our thick thighs.

Ideally, you’d be including workouts in your routine that challenge your outer thighs and your inner thighs, especially if you have thick thighs like me. As a refresher, you primarily work your outer thighs when you bring your legs away from your body (by abducting your hips), and you challenge your inner thighs when you bring your legs into the midline of your body (by adducting your hips).

Building inner thigh muscles will increase your resting metabolic rate, which means you will burn more calories at rest, which contributes to overall fat loss. When it comes to specific thigh training do the following three exercises:

Squats Targeting Inner Thighs

The squat is an overall great full-body lift that targets almost every muscle in the body, and really focuses on the glutes, quads and inner thighs. The secret to better targeting the inner thigh is to widen your stance.

thick thighs

>>Stand with your legs about 6 inches to a foot wider than your shoulders. Then proceed to do squats A wide stance will really target the inner thigh and help tone that section of your leg tremendously.

Thick Thighs Save Lives: Why Bigger Thighs & Hips Are Healthier (Seriously!)

Inner Thigh Lunges

Lunges are an amazing exercise that can really target the inner thighs if done correctly. When doing lunges, it’s important to take BIG strides and really stretch while going deep on each repetition.

African american woman doing squat stretching exercise

Place your right leg in front of the left while looking forward. Legs should be in stride position as if you were running. Squat down in the position then jump up high enough to switch legs (when you land, your left leg should be in front of your right). That’s one rep. Do a series of 10 reps, 3 times.

    •  Leg Presses Targeting the Inner Thigh

      You should really focus on lightweight and form when doing the leg press. You should have a very slow movement and make sure to stretch deep at the bottom and extent completely at the top. Again make sure your feet are in a wider than normal stance to really target the inner thighs.

Using the leg press machine, put on a moderate weight (your medium weight) and press out slowly (counting to 10 — at 10 your legs will

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