Bitcoin Creator Is Already Dead, Says BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes

Written by Ann Brown

The CEO of Bitcoin P2P trading platform, BitMEX, Arthur Hayes declared that Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto is probably dead.

There has always been a mystery around the founder of the first cryptocurrency coin Bitcoin. Now the mystery as gotten even deeper as the CEO of Bitcoin P2P trading platform, BitMEX, Arthur Hayes declared that Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto is most likely dead, although by most accounts Nakamoto should along be around 44 years old. It is also not known if Satoshi Nakamoto is one person or many. And no one knows exactly who he is — many have claimed to be “Satoshi.”

Hayes said,  “I think they’re already dead” about the creator of Bitcoin came as a surprise for the financial heads, Coin News Span reported. He also said he thinks the real identity behind the originator of Bitcoin will never come to light.  

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Based on the current value of Bitcoin at $9,173, Satoshi Nakamoto is believed to hold 980,000 BTC, which would make him a multi-billionaire.

“In 2009, when Satoshi introduced the world to its first virtual currency, Bitcoin, he opined to deliver a currency that works independently without the presence of a third-party service provider and financial entity. It facilitates a pure peer-to-peer network for transferring value between individuals. Bitcoin’s appearance posed a threat on the existing financial institutions and currencies by rendering them useless over a long term span, and this would have brought the creator at target,” Coin News Span reported.

Hayes also has suggested that the BTC price will stand at $100,000 in the next three years, which will boost Satoshi’s net worth to $98 billion. 

In other news, BitMEX was being looked at by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission over concern for violation of rules. BitMEX is not listed in the US. The regulator is investigating if the exchange has violated the rule by allowing US investors to trade on its platform.

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