Black America Defends Chair-Throwing Teacher After He Was Busted In Head by Chair-Throwing Student

Chairs were hurled around in a Texas middle school classroom resulting in a male substitute teacher being hit in the head, and several students pulled out their cell phones and recorded the whole thing.

As captured on video, the teacher threw a chair back at the student who hit him in the head with a chair. Now police are investigating the incident, which took place on March 9 at DeSoto West Middle School just outside Dallas. 

The video has gone viral, and in it, viewers can see a student hurl the chair toward the teacher’s head, prompting the teacher to throw two chairs in retaliation. The teacher, who is Black, was treated for his injuries at the school by paramedics, ABC-TV affiliate WFAA reported. 

The student body of DeSoto West Middle School in Dallas County, Texas, is made up of seven ethnicities. The largest group — 80 percent — is Black. This is followed by Hispanic (13.9 percent) and white (4.1 percent).

“The district makes clear that it does not condone or tolerate the behavior that took place in the incident and that all parties will be held accountable to the full extent of the district’s ability to address the matter,” the DeSoto school district said late Wednesday.

DeSoto police said they were aware of the videos, and “all sides of the incident” are being investigated, the Star-Telegraph reported. 

Black America came to the teacher’s defense on social media.

“And this explains why there’s a teacher shortage. This took place at a middle school in DeSoto ISD, a suburb of Dallas, TX,” tweeted Coach D. Finch, MS.Ed. (@FinchCoach).

“This is EXACTLY why I have this as part of my platform because as pro-black, pro #Freedman as I am, there is NO EXCUSE for this. Parents have to be held ACCOUNTABLE for their children’s behavior, point blank period,” tweeted MarcelForCongress (@Marcel4Congress). Gregg “Marcel” Dixon is a candidate for South Carolina’s sixth congressional district.

Some noted that no one came to the wounded teacher’s aide.

“The man’s head is literally bleeding and no one’s doing anything????,” tweeted kingsley shacklebolt (@YERlMORE).

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Others noted the growing violence in schools against teachers.

“I never understood why people thought disrespecting teachers was funny. it’s was always lame weird and dusty,” tweeted auntie kp (@makstackss).

A 2014 survey from the American Psychological Association Classroom Violence Directed Against Teachers Task Force found that 44 percent of teachers report being physically attacked by students.

The video was shared more than 6,000 times on Facebook, Hollywood Unlocked reported. 

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Photo: Coach D. Finch, MS.Ed. @FinchCoach, Twitter

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