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Black History of Health: Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

Though Michelle Williams now has multiple albums to her name and was a member of the well-known group, ‘Destiny’s Child’, she had doubts for years that she’d be a successful singer. That doesn’t mean she didn’t have a prolific history in music. By the age of seven, she was performing at church and even went on to be a part of gospel groups. 

Despite the great start, Michelle pursued a degree in Criminal Justice when she graduated high school.

Two years into her course of study, music beckoned again and she left Indiana State University to become a backup singer for a variety of artists including Monica. After a chance meeting with Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland, she auditioned successfully to join ‘Destiny’s Child’ in 2000. 

Though the group only stayed together for another few years, Michelle released solo music that made an impact in both the pop and gospel circles.

Since her message has always been inspirational and centered on optimism, it was hard for her to finally ask for help when she wasn’t feeling as happy as everyone said she should. While she’s had these feelings since her teenage years, it wasn’t until the age of 30 that she was finally diagnosed with depression. 

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What Is Depression?

Depression is much more than feeling sad or dealing with grief. It’s a chronic illness that has a significant impact on how you feel, act, and manage daily activities.

It’s unlikely for everyone to have all the listed symptoms of depression but a few of the typical ones include chronic fatigue, loss of interest in activities that you used to enjoy, constantly feeling sad, trouble sleeping, changes in your appetite, unexplained irritability, and feelings of worthlessness.

The causes of depression are not always clear-cut but there is evidence that the illness can be hereditary. Constant exposure to trauma and

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