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Black-Owned Self-Care Products You NEED To Try!

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With the holiday season upon us, we wanted to help you find some ways to #buyblack for you and your loved ones. Black entrepreneurs are running things in any product genre you can think of. Some are small operations, while others can be found in Target and other major retailers. If you need some gift ideas all in the name of self-care, this list is for you.

Sweat in Style

These brands are devoted to inspiring people of color to celebrate their culture while focusing on their fitness goals in style. From sweat-friendly apparel inspired by the Motherland to yoga mats that show off Black culture, these brands are just a few that you should get to know for some great gym style:

1. Pru Apparel

“PRU” stands for Power Representation Unity! This brand fuses African prints into chic fitness gear. Cop a workout for you and your gym buddy this holiday season.

2. Glamourina

This brand is the “go-to activewear brand for culturally conscious women.” Gear from this brand comes in all sizes to fit all types of curves from sizes S-3XL.

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Care for Your Skin

Black skin is a glorious thing, but not all products were made with our skin in mind. Fortunately, a number of Black entrepreneurs have created products specially tailored to work with Black skin. Whatever type of skin you have, these brands tout beauty and skincare products that are free of toxins and full of natural ingredients that work best with your body.

1. Blk + Grn

Blk + Grn is a marketplace of organic wellness products from skincare to fertility all created by Black artisans. Blk + Grn is not one brand, but rather a major hub to find dozens of products created for—and by—Black entrepreneurs. You can be sure that the products in the Blk + Grn Marketplace are all-natural and developed with Black consumers’ unique needs in mind.

2. Epara Skin Care

“Epara is a brand born out of a need to provide luxury skincare products to women with dark skin tones. The skin issues women have present differently in Women of Colour.” Uniquely, all Epara products contain ingredients sourced from Africa, to curate products that you know are meant for our melanin skin.

3. Black Girl Sunscreen

This brand was founded in Miami in 2016 after the founders were fed up with the white residue that came from sunscreen on brown skin. Wanting to help Black women protect their skin without the hassle, the brand was formed. It has received numerous awards and is now kicking off a kids’ line.

4. Soap Distillery Rosé Body Scrub

Soap Distillery is known for its unique shower products that will remind you of your favorite alcoholic beverages. For example, if you’re a Rosé fan, you may want to check out the “Rosé Body Scrub”. This relaxing body scrub will make you think of a crisp, cool glass of wine.

Getting Stuff Done

1. Effie’s Paper

This stationery brand was created with the quest to surround women with “pretty things that make her

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