Black-Owned Software Development Firm Fearless To Work With NFL In An Effort To Bolster Black-Owned Businesses

Fearless — founded by Delali Dzirasa — will expand its reach with public sector agencies to strengthen their efforts in digital equity and transformation and work closely with the NFL on several digital services projects. Already, Fearless has led various sessions to demonstrate how the league can leverage technology while providing opportunities to underrepresented communities.

“It is always more than just building like a widget or piece of technology. We think about everything from the lens of equity. We think about everything from the lens of how we pull people together to create a better quality of life. We approach all of our problems that way. And so what you’ll find in our engagement with the NFL as we’re building a product is, it’s also supporting cultural change within the organization,” Dzirasa told AfroTech.

He continued: “We’ve been able to participate and lead a couple of sessions around supplier diversity across the entire organization and the league level. We’ve been able to talk about technology that will make it easier for clubs across the NFL to be able to have access to qualified candidates that are women and minorities. So, when they have the general manager jobs and the coaching jobs, the excuse of, ‘We don’t know anybody in that space,’ [or] ‘We don’t know anyone qualified’ goes away. Our ability to leverage technology to drive some of that impact is really what Fearless is all about.”

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