Black Woman Claims People Are ‘Offering Half A Million Below Value’ For Her Inherited Home, Blames Gentrification

The home was passed on to the 32-year-old entrepreneur in 2020, after the death of her grandfather, Daniel Duncan, who purchased the home within the Central District in 1953.

Just one day after his passing, Credit received a handwritten letter requesting to purchase her home below market value.

“My home was solicited not just by ‘big corps’ and ‘real estate companies’ looking to lowball by mailers,” Credit told BuzzFeed. “This [handwritten letter] was from a neighbor in my community…the day after my grandfather’s body was carried across his threshold for the last time.”

She continued: “We are one of the oldest families on my block…he knew us. They have certain interests for this community, and they wanted it known. Anyone who would offer condolences and then ask to buy your home in the same letter has clear intentions.”

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